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What would have happened to the greatest scientist of this world Thomas Alva Edison if his mother had not recognised his hidden talent? He went to school only for three months. His teachers were unable to teach him and he was thrown out of school. His mother knew the hidden talent of her child and taught him herself. Due to abnormal tendencies of great scientist Einstein her mother took him to a psychiatrist who told her that her son would either be a great achiever or a mental wreck. His mother took up the challenge and made him an achiever.

One of the greatest war veterans in the history General Grant was drowning his talent in alcohol till the greatest American President Abraham Lincoln knew his real worth and made him the commander of his army (annoying a lot of bigwigs) and won the holy war against the patrons of slavery. Great Indian Saint Vivekananda would have lived an ordinary life if Swami Ramakrishna Paramahansa had not developed his hidden talent that was able to move the world.

These great achievers were lucky that someone recognised their talents and showed them a mirror that reflected their real worth. It is often difficult for a person to know his or her real winning potential until some very wise person with a lot of insight wakes him/her up from slumber and helps to jump forward to win the world.


A depressed young man went to a very famous saint and said that he was fed up of this world and wanted to commit suicide. The saint was his last ray of hope. The saint said’ “Your problem won’t solve until you know yourself. ” Then he gave the young man a harsh and clumsy stone, and advised him to go to a silver merchant and ask its value, but not to sell it. The silver merchant told him that he would give a coin of silver and keep the stone. The young man told the saint what had happened. The saint now sent him to a goldsmith with the same advice. The goldsmith said that he would give the young man a gold coin and keep the stone. The young man went back to the saint and told the story. The saint sent him again, now to a diamond merchant. After checking the stone carefully the diamond merchant said, “This stone is so valuable that I can’t buy it. It is much more valuable than the value of 1000 gold coins. ”

Amazed young man returned to the saint with the news. The saint said to him peacefully, “My son now you have known that only the diamond merchant was able to understand the true value of this clumsy looking stone. In the same way it is not easy to judge the unique trait of a person. You also have a big quality and that is your total commitment to honesty. If you work very hard in life you will be able to win the faith of the people and become very successful. ” The words of the saint filled the young man with new confidence and energy.

An able person needs a good Guru (teacher or guide) to develop mental faculties. A good Guru may be there in your family (mother, father, brother, sister, uncle etc. ) or in school or college. Sometimes it is even a good friend.


Unfortunately you can’t wait for the arrival of someone in your life to tell you about your hidden talents. When parents of Bill Gates were unable to see a marvellous software talent in him he was not lost in the dirt of history. He threw him in IT with full force. He teamed up with a talented friend and proved that he could become the richest person in the world without the help of parents or a guide. Nobody had recognised the business acumen of John D. Rockefeller still he was able to become the richest man of the world in the beginning of the previous century. Another self-made man was Abraham Lincoln (greatest American President – who rose to the post of president from a very ordinary boy of an ordinary family – and who successfully fought for the abolition of slavery in America). He himself recognised his hidden talent for leadership and struggled hard to achieve his aim.

The greatest non-violent leader in the history Mahatma Gandhi had no one to recognise or promote his superb mental faculty. He had to fight at every step with his own weaknesses to achieve greatness. One of the greatest Indian tycoons Dhirubhai Ambani was a clerk in an office. And then created Reliance - the biggest company in India without any Guru or guide on his side.

In the same way you definitely need to take bold decision and fight for the place you really deserve in this world. Everybody has a unique quality that needs to be recognised and nurtured. Introspect and see inside you again and again till you find that hidden treasure. And ask yourself what you really want to do in life. Are you satisfied with your present profession or work? In case you think a change is needed bring that change fast. As soon as you find a work or profession that is fit for your talent you will start rising in life.


Whenever you know that you are capable of making a name and fame in a particular field move like a tiger and accept the challenge of becoming a winner in the field you like. Any sort of conflict will only lead you to failure. When great Indian warrior Arjuna got in the grip of confusion and decided not to fight against his own relatives Lord Krishna gave him a long sermon just to bring him out of his confusion and help him take a positive decision. A situation of indecision saps your energy and confidence keeping you away from success. Know thyself; know your purpose in life. Then it is easy for you to take a decision and move fast towards your goal. After taking a firm decision don’t look back. Face the challenges the life throws on your way and fight with all the power of your mind and body to get victory.


When you see yourself through the spectacles of others you become submissive. Your only aim is to keep other people happy. Your moves need the approval of others. Your unique talent remains dormant. The edifice of your own desires starts crumbling. You are forced to become a rolling stone whom anybody can kick according to his or her whim. Existence of real you is in danger. No progress or winning is possible till you firmly decide to change this trend and see through your own spectacles – manufactured with your own desires and aim.

In brief try to find a good Guru who is able to recognise your hidden unique talent and guide you in your struggle. If you are not lucky to find one then be ready to become a self-made person. Take the challenge and work as hard as you can. Keep your aim in mind and move firmly seeing through your own spectacles.

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