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Life Rewards those who aren't afraid to set out whole-heartedly after their dreams.

How many times have you heard that? I’m guessing more than once - heck, we all have. Now let me ask you, have you ever felt as though you were not quite living up to your full potential?

My guess again is that’s a yes, right?

First off, if you find yourself in the group that answers yes, let me tell you here and now that you are not alone. Furthermore, no matter what society might tell us, we all have times where we feel as though we aren’t quite performing at our personal best.

Now my friend, hold onto your hat, because this is where the entire tone of this column is going to make a BIG turn. . .

Let me tell you here and now that the feeling is simply a state of mind. The positive of that being that just as quickly as our feelings of inadequacy can set in, so can they shift to a more positive, upbeat feeling with regards to the road we’re on.

One thing that can be helpful is to set up and keep nearby personal reminders that our moods (no matter how less then stellar, we may feel at the time) do shift for the better. Equally as important, is taking the time to recount your past achievements ­ believe me, it will do wonders to adjust your outlook on things.

Finally, be proactive, by that I mean to think of ideas, and begin implementing immediately those things that you believe will set you back on the right track - the track that makes us feel as though we’re in control of our lives. In other words, don’t wait for things to change. Instead, put into play those things in your life that will create the change you wish to see.

Here's to your success, Josh Hinds :)

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Josh Hinds of specializes in helping people to achieve maximum success and live the life of their dreams. He is also the co-founder of - visit now to hear leading motivational speakers and authors share their tips and advice with you.


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