How to Achieve Lifelong Fitness Success in Your Home or Office

Joey Atlas

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Every week countless numbers of people rededicate themselves to starting a new diet and exercise program, only to find that they have fallen off their program by the end of the following week. This scenario plays out all too often especially for people who are attempting to keep their fitness program based at home or the office.

The problem here is not where the program is being attempted, but the fact that there actually is no program to follow. No matter what the endeavor, when one sets out to accomplish something without a well thought out plan or a ‘roadmap’, the chances for success are slim to none. Health and fitness programs are a prime example of this.

Without a fitness plan, there is no guidance, accountability or direction. Therefore most actions are random and unfocused. This creates an element of uncertainty where one is guessing at what they should be doing. Self doubt is present as the individual isn’t even sure that what they are doing is right for them.

Additionally, unrealistic expectations run high in most people who embark on a newfound fitness lifestyle. Changes are expected to occur too fast. When results don’t come quick enough discouragement sets in and motivation starts to diminish. The stage is set for another failed fitness program.

Knowing the key components to a home or office fitness program is the first step in defining the necessary elements for achieving lifelong health and fitness success.

The following tips can help you refine your approach to executing your home fitness program by helping you create a mental and physical environment that is conducive to permanent success.

1) If your program happens to be the focus of this year’s resolution, rename your New Year’s resolution your New Life resolution and think of what you are doing as something you will do forever, not for a month or two. Focus on long term benefits, not short term changes.

2) Tell others about it. You will hold yourself more accountable for following through and staying true to yourself. Others will be more likely to support or even join you in your new quest for a better quality of life.

3) Realize that exercise is one of the most unselfish acts. What better gift can you give your loved ones than you being alive and healthy for the rest of your life? Not taking care of your self is actually the selfish act.

4) Incorporate nutritional habits that will work for you, not against you. Constantly ask yourself, “Is what I’m about to eat or drink conducive to the goals I am committed to achieving?” Remember, a fad diet is just that. The one method that works more than all others combined is, take in less calories than you burn.

5) Realize you do not need to spend two hours in the gym every day to get into great shape. There is a lot you can do at home or at the office in 30 minutes. There are many exercise DVDs and small, economical and portable pieces of fitness equipment to provide you with endless workout programs. Gather the tools that suit you best before you start your new program. If you are still unsure, hire a personal trainer to consult with you on starting a home fitness program.

Living healthy and fit is, first, a psychological exercise as you have to think about what you need to adjust in your life and daily habits before you can actually take the actions that will result in the changes you desire.

Spend time on your adjusting mindset by asking yourself what things are most important to you in life and how health and fitness are related to the things that matter most to you. Then take the actions which are in line with your values and goals.

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Joey Atlas, MS – Exercise Physiology, has been helping people break through psychological and physical barriers to achieve superior levels of health and fitness since 1988. He is the creator of The Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover DVDs and a contributing writer for OnFitness Magazine and ClubLife Magazine. Claim your free instructions at Contact Joey via


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