Success - Your Astounding New Alladin's Lamp

Kenneth Little

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You can find success by considering the original Alladin's Lamp story. To see a wish brought forth the holder of the lamp had only to rub it. Your “Professional Associative Rubbing" -better know as PAR - against the life of any famous person will produce an amazing transformation.

Professional Associative Rubbing does not involve any body contact because what you want here is something more enduring than physical reproduction. You want to capture the essence of the life of that famous person so that you can enjoy their prosperous lifestyle.

To bring forth their lifestyle in your life you take an information product they have created and “rub" it all over your life. Their books work well in this project. The PAR “rubbing" requires you to read and re-read their book until you manifest the success story they are telling in their book.

You see there are success seeds embedded in every author's words and those seeds get planted in the soil of your heart by the miracle of 3P Technology. Re-reading and repeating the words of the author with Passion, Persistence and Purpose causes the seeds to jump from the author's life into yours.

For this transfer to take place successfully you need to really work at it. You've got to put your whole heart and mind into it, you've got to keep the pace up every day, knowing with full assurance you want the lifestyle of the author and your not prepared to accept anything less.

Think of it as the catching of flame from one candle to another unlit candle.

As you gaze at the flame coming from your Alladin's Lamp be careful what you wish for as it will come to pass.

Your flame will bring you fame which will only blaze as long as you pass it on.

Kenneth Little is a writer, teacher, public speaker and the publisher of a re-released classic - in a revealing ebook- that will show you how to get the best of health and wealth out of all your future years. True success will be yours no matter what your age.

Amazing “How I Became Young at Sixty" brings renewed strength to your body, hope to your mind and increased prosperity to your lifestyle.


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