Success: How to Criticize and Complain Your Way to Failure

Jeff Herring

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How to be critical

You've heard it said that some people see the world through rose colored glasses. The person who has mastered the fine art of criticism sees the world through glasses colored by something I'd rather not mention in print.

These folks seem to live to find fault in everything with which they come in contact. Since we live in an imperfect world, there is always something or someone to criticize.

In order to be truly successful at criticism you must remember that it's important to never offer solutions for what you don't like. This is because these folks actually believe people will be motivated to change if they are just criticized enough.

Instead: There are times in life when we all need to give and receive criticism. The wisest people know that you can truly benefit from useful criticism. Criticism is a tool that is used sparingly at best, and needs to be coupled with some positive comments as well.

How to complain

A close cousin to criticism, complaining is a way of life for some. Others have raised it to an art form. Nothing is ever good enough, not even close. If the adults who usually do this were children, they would be accused of whining.

Again, it's crucial to refrain from offering any suggestions as to what could be improved upon, much less what is appreciated. These folks would complain in heaven, if they ever got there.

Instead: Define the problem, explain how it affects you, and then offer suggestions for what you would like to be different.

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