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The less I remember, the better my day goes.

I know, that’s a headscratcher of a statement.

The more I put a stop on remembering what happened yesterday, last week, many moons ago or just a few seconds back - the better I feel.

Whether those memories carry good or negative emotions doesn’t make a difference. It’s happened. And thinking about it keeps me distracted. Because any memory carries emotional baggage.

It can be the best baggage ever, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is my history. And it has Absolutely Nothing to do with Now.

Remembering is reliving. Reliving is not being alive.

Our hang-ups and gripes and bad habits are fed by our memories. We make them festering wounds that can’t heal because, through memory, we keep the source of the infliction alive. If we couldn’t remember them, we’d be free of them.

Good memories are just as bad.

Remembering a pleasant experience blocks out the present one. And that’s probably the intention. The consequence to you and whoever or whatever is being tuned out is this – you have dropped off the face of the earth. You’re not available. So, in actual fact, you might as well be living in a parallel universe. It may be pleasant, but it’s not real.

A clear mind is a most precious commodity. Clarity is like a laserbeam of creativity. Your beautiful life thrives on it.

A clear mind paves the way to a prosperous life. A life of untold riches. When your mind is freed of emotional clutter, it has room to explore and create. It becomes magnet for success.

Now it’s your turn to Accept and experience. Just believe me and try. Apply, apply, apply. It is only when you apply any theory that you gain the experience to find your own truth. My truth doesn’t matter to your life. Find yours. Your experience is your proof. Wouldn’t you want to prove that your life thrives as soon as you bury the past?

Friends, this really works. Leave your memories to history. Surprise yourself into living a life of transcendent joy, unlimited prosperity, and luminous glory.

By now you realize that every change in your life manifests as a result of overhauling your thoughts. Memories are just thoughts that were once alive and are now gone forever. Leave them be.

You can’t fail your destiny once you accept it. Accept your creativity. Accept your wisdom. Accept your greatness.

You cannot fail once you accept who and what you are.

So drop the memories. Leave them in the dust. Wake up to the glories within you. Be adventurous. Be Fearless. Be a warrior. Your life is now in your good hands. Enjoy!

Tania French is a composer who has enjoyed performances and radio broadcasts of her music worldwide. Her new CD “Renewal" (released December, 2005) will feature a rejuvenating fusion of new age, classical, and world songs. Subscribe to her popular newsletter at © 2005 Tania French. All Rights Reserved.


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