Simple Steps to Learning to Speed Read


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People who often need to red large amounts of information need to learn the process of speed reading. Speed reading still enables you to understand the information you are reading, but allows you to do so at a quicker pace. The speed at which you normally read is largely based on habit. Learning to speed read is a matter of breaking those habits.

When first starting out in speed reading you need to train yourself slowly. It is a process of breaking the bad habits you have developed and learning new ones. The following things will help you succeed in your speed reading efforts. These are some of the first things you should do:

- Pay attention to what you are reading. Focus on the information and the words. Do not let yourself get distracted.
- Look over the material before you start reading. Scan the text to get an idea what it is about. Note headings and try to sense what the text is about.
- Avoid talking to yourself. Don’t create internal dialogue or move your lips as you read. Focus only on understanding what you read.
- Do not re-read. Read the text only one time. Don’t let yourself stop and go back.
- Change your reading speed occasionally. Speeding up and slowing down as you read will keep your attention on the text.
- Learn to ignore irrelevant information. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to read every single word. Good readers know how to cut out things that do not matter.
- Practice. Read a lot and practice these tips.

The methods of speed reading are all based on breaking your habits. You should use the method that best suits your need. Below are two easy methods you can use.

The Hand - Use your hand to guide your eyes. Place your hand under the text and move it slowly down the page. Keep your hand moving to encourage your eyes to follow. This method can help if you have problems focusing or get caught up in irrelevant information.

The Card - Much like the process used in The Hand method, except you use a card instead of your hand. This time you cover up information you have already read. This method works well for those who re-read.

There are many speed reading methods that are taught, but these two cover a broad range of typical problems that slow a reader down.

If you are interested in learning to speed read you should follow some of this advice. You do not have to pay someone to teach you. It is simple to teach yourself. (Speed reading is recommended for those people who are already a good reader. )

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