Get a FIX in 2006

Frank Gasiorowski

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If you just stayed Alive in 2005, You need to get a FIX in 2006.

I know that you said you were going to “Thrive in 2005” but if that did not turn out like you had planned you need a FIX.

OK, What happened?

You set great New Years Resolutions but they lasted a week or two.

You set mental plans and goals to achieve your desires and wishes and they never materialized.

How about when you took out the Christmas club plan at the bank, how long did that last?

What happened to the promotion at work, the stock dividends and the vacation of a lifetime, the new love of your life, a new car or a home? Where are they?

Did you “Thrive In 2005”?

If not there is hope.

Get a FIX in 2006.

Here’s how. The FIX that I am talking about fixing your mental attitude.

What the mind can conceive and you believe is what you will achieve.

Follow along with me here.

Aristotle said that we think in mental images. Think about when you hear the word DOG. What happens in our mind? We see a picture of a DOG not the letters D O G. Seeing the picture is great for thinking but not good for making our dreams and goals become real. We need to take that mental image and bring it into the physical realm by writing it down.

Writing down your Dreams and Goals for 2006 is key and here's why.

Writing down your Dreams and Goals allows the mental concept to physically be seen and acted upon by yourself and others who may assist you.

Writing is the doing (Action) part of thinking. Taking Action is what is going to bring on the accomplishments in your life.

Here is the outline.

Thinking = Imaging,
Imaging = Writing,
Writing = Action,
Action = Accomplishment

Frank Gasiorowski or as his is known on the internet as “Mr. 90 Day Goals", has been teaching since 1973 and his current mission is to provide easy and effective ways for individuals to achieve their true potential through, and coaching programs.


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