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Santhanam Nagarajan

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M R Kopmeyer, in his book, ’How you can get richer, quicker’ suggests us to write down our ideas in 3” x 5” cards and carry them in our pocket. Ideas in 3” x 5” cards are for re-reading and study. Frank Bettger in his book, “How I raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling” reveals his pocket reminder technique: “I made up a 3” x 5” card, a ‘pocket reminder’, for each one of my subjects, with a brief summary of the principles. The first week, I carried the card Enthusiasm in my pocket. At odd moments during the day, I read these principles. ”

Edison had a sign on his laboratory wall which read- There is a better way to do it –Find it”

All successful people used to have pocket reminders and motivational slogans. We can write down success techniques in small cards and carry them wherever we go.

The catch words should be as brief as possible. I have prepared a list of pocket reminders in just three / two words. The list is given below: <1) Dramatize your ideas>
<2) Throw down challenge>
<3) Appreciate honestly>
<4) Do not nag>
<5) Do not criticize>
<6) Be courteous>
<7) Read good books>
<8) Be enthusiastic>
<9) Find key issue>
<10) Get the Facts>
<11) Go to God>
<12) Share Praise>
<13) Do not overreach>
<14) Try harder>
<15) Relax. Smile>
<16) Have more friends>
<17) Don’t give up>
<18) Have thinking time>
<19) Keep a diary>
<20) Do the best>
<21) Excel others>
<22) Have inspirational slogans>
<23) Not words, Action>
<24) Make your rules>
<25) Read history>
<26) Keep active>
<27) Dig within>
<28) Affirm enthusiasm>
<29) Picture your goal>
<30) Be humble>
<31) Show respect>
<32) Laugh at troubles>
<33) Avoid mental wandering>
<34) Be punctual>
<35) Say Thank You>
<36) Believe! God IS>
<37) Review every day>
<38) Write your goal>
<39) Visualize your success>
<40) Think up>
<41) Write down>
<42) Speak out>
<43) Build your image>
<44) Don’t openly challenge>
<45) Do not imitate>
<46) Scrutinize your values>
<47) Mobilize your resources>
<48) Prioritize your goals>
<49) Organize your network
<50) Neutralize your opposition.

The list is endless. You can create your own list to suit your needs. Along with the catch phrase if you want you may add a brief summary also. Constant remembering will yield results and success will be in your pocket.

S. Nagarajan is a vehicle body engineer by profession. He has written more than 1300 articles in 16 magazines and published 18 books so far. He is revealing Eastern Secret Wisdom through T. V. Programmes, magazine articles, seminars, courses. His email address is: .


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