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Learn to Succeed by Studying Failure


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I hope the title caught you a little bit off guard. It was meant to. You might be asking yourself, what do you mean study failure? That's not right! Or is it?

You see many people don't study failure simply because that is not what they want. And then we hear about the law of attraction and how you should not pay any attention to what you do not want. But, when you study failure, you don't have to focus your mind on it. It doesn't have to be all that you think about.

It will however, give you many powerful insights. What is failure? It is simply not producing the intended result. Nothing more. It shouldn't give you any emotion. All it is, is just a result. But, we can learn how to make things work by discarding the practices or applications that do not work. Also, many opportunities come by the way of failure.

When do you learn most in life? When you fail. Because then you have to look deeper and find out why you did and what you could have done differently. What if you had an idea and then found out someone else already tried that and failed miserably?

You could look at what they did wrong and see if you could make it right. If I failed at producing a sturdy table because it only had three legs, you could look at it and come to the conclusion that it needs four legs. Wouldn't that then make your table a success?

And how would you have arrived at the conclusion that it needed four legs? By seeing what I had done wrong. Detach yourself from the emotion of failure and learn to study it. Then you can make the necessary changes to make your project a success.

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Bryan Appleton is an author of self-help motivational literature as well as an entrepreneur and investor. He is a single father and has made it one of his life's goals to try and help other people live the lives they are dreaming of. You can find his website at


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