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Success and Your Life - Achieve Your Goals and Create the Life You Deserve

Alice Vlietstra

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Each of us has our own personal dream of success. It may be a relationship, work that is meaningful, or achieving a financial goal. Other times, it may be achieving a goal for your family.

Over time we discover obstacles in the way. A marriage fails, a health crises causes us to change our lifestyle, or our job does not provide the fulfillment and financial support we want and need. Soon, we feel success will elude us forever and give up on our dreams.

If this describes you, know that it is never too late to experience success in your life.

My life has been full of challenges, and yet with each of them, a new learning and dream began to emerge. At one time I was a triathelete, only to experience an injury. Later, I had a hospitalization, and ended up in a wheel chair. I had become very ill, lost 30 pounds, and looked like death warmed over. When I became able to work, my job was not meeting my financial needs. I had come to believe that other people somehow had a key to success, that was not available to me.

First, I had to get well. While sick and receiving intravenous injections, my mother read to me from the book, “Learned Optimism" by Martin Seligman. I took the “optimism test" and found I was depressed. That was an easy one to fix. I simply retook the test and changed the answers to the optimistic ones. This was the beginning of my journey. Next, I learned the secrets of good nutrition, detoxification, and how the mind and body are connected. I am in good health today.

The next step was resolve. I decided, whatever it took, I was going to have a fulfilled life and to make it a success. I had been well educated with an academic background, only to discover that success required “street smarts" knowledge too. I took personal growth seminars and discovered the practical keys. After a few months, I began to feel differently.

The most critical step to success was taking consistent action. Here, one of the classics, “Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill gave me some of the best secrets of all.

Today I am in good health, I am excited about my work, and am leading a fulfilled life.

All of the time, I could have had more personal success, but I did not know where to begin. I needed the “street smarts" that had stood the test of time, not the academic one. You can have it too. Don't wait for success or let obstacles elude you. Begin right now to discover how you can achieve your goals and live the life you deserve.

And now, I invite you to learn more by visiting to take action and have the life of your dreams.


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Achieve Success In Your Life By Reinventing Yourself - 3 Tips On How To Have ..
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