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To All You Failures and Losers Out There

Duncan Kelly

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Well, if you got past the title of this article, you probably think you are a failure, or a loser, or both. But I can assure you, you are neither!

You see, the big, bad world out there has this preoccupation with the gloriously successful and wealthy people, and thinks that this is where it's all at. They are wrong. This is where it's all not at. Success can make you powerful, and wealth can make you comfortable, but neither can make you happy. In fact, an overwhelmingly large percentage of the rich and successful are bitterly unhappy. Often they have to cover up this unhappiness in order to keep up appearances, but sooner or later the cracks appear and their miserable lives are exposed for what they are.

So if you are not cracking it in the accumulation of wealth department, and you feel like a “failure, " take a step back from your situation and look at what you have. You have peace and quiet. Wealthy people are hounded day and night by people that want a piece of their wealth. They don't know which friends are genuine and which are just stomaching them in order to get their hands on their money. Or worse, plotting to rob them of their money. You, on the other hand, know that your friends are genuine because you have nothing they want except yourself.

People are often successful because they have the “killer instinct. " In other words they have a dog eat dog mentality. Survival of the fittest. They also atrract like minded people. It follows, then, that they have to be consatntly on their guard, because if they make one slip, those other dogs around them are going to eat them! Aren't you lucky that you don't have to go through every day worrying about your survival! There are people, of course, who thrive on this sort of life, but just because you don't, doesn't make you a failure.

The word loser should be banned from the English language and removed from the dictionary; at least in it's derogatory sense. Nobody is a loser. We all have talents and God given gifts: it's just that a lot of us are not in a position or circumstances where we can shine in them. For example, a guy who's a fantastic surfer, who lives 600 miles from the sea. He may not be good at anything else, but he's not a failure at all. he has a great talent.

There's a lovely saying: “God made you - and He don't make junk. God loves you - so you must be precious. " Thus we are unique in our potential. We are wonderfully made, for a purpose. We just have to discover what it is. We can be fantastically successful at removing garbage. And why not? If it wasn't done, society would first stink, and then collapse from disease and decay. It is a vital service. We each have our purpose in life. We are each vitally important.

If everyone in a company was a CEO, who would do the work? Nothing would ever be produced!

No, you're not a failure or a loser. Anyone who says you are is too blind to see your talents, and is oblivious of your potential.

Believe in yourself, keep trying, and work hard. And never forget the advantages of your life as it is!

You really are a winner.

Duncan Kelly

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Duncan Kelly


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