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Nine Hurdles to Success and How to Conquer Them

Ineke Van Lint

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Everybody wants to be successful. So do I. So do you. What makes somebody achieves his dreams and another one does not? A successful person has a dream and won't give up. He cherishes his dream and does whatever it takes to get there. He overcomes the obstacles he encounters on his path. He does not complain, asking himself : Why does this always happen to me? but instead he looks how he can take action to overcome the obstacle.

Does a winner has to face less obstacles than a loser? No, not at all, but his attitude is different. When he faces obstacles, he reacts differently than the loser.

On your life path you will have to jump over a few hurdles. Accept it and move on. You will also need to conquer several kinds of resistance.
The most common ones are:

1. Fear of the unknown. People get used to the familiarity of the past and are afraid of anything new. This might lead you to decide to leave everything just the way it has always been. A winner knows that sticking with the old ways will never lead to satisfaction.

2. Fear to get involved. If you do not have the habit of engaging yourself, but rather passively undergo what others decide for you, then you will have to create new habits that give you the feeling you are actively creating your life, choosing what you want and making an effort towards your goal.

3. Fear that others will leave you. When your environment has gotten used to looking at you as a weak person, undecided, unhappy or sad, then you might be afraid of changing. Maybe you are afraid of losing their attention if you no longer show weakness, illness or fatigue. Is this the reason why you want to keep the status quo? Do you really want to continue suffering from the low vibrations of disease, despair, complaining, just to please your environment, afraid of losing their attention once your are successful?

4. Fear of success. If you got used to looking at yourself as a failure, not capable of doing anything right, then the idea of being successful might be quite uncomfortable. In this case you need to expand the image you have of yourself and start accepting that you too can succeed and be happy, and enjoy abundance in your life.

5. Refuse to be tested along the way. Be aware that you will be tested along the way, in order to make sure your choice is clear and firm, that you are sticking to your decision to walk your own path. The firmness of your decision and the depth of your engagement will be proofed. Accept this and move on.

6. Negative thoughts about life. Carrying negative beliefs about life will make it difficult to attain success, riches and happiness. Make a list of all your negative thoughts and systematically replace them by positive ones. Encourage yourself on your way to success instead of cutting yourself down.

7. Refuse to start anything before you are 100% sure to succeed. You will never have absolute certainty as your mission is constantly unfolding as long as you live. Look at it as a journey. It's a process, an itinerary, where the important thing is who you are becoming along the way rather than where you are arriving. When you are experiencing more energy, joy, enthusiasm and wealth, then you can be sure to have made the right choice. This ought to be enough to dare take some risk and take some big decisions.

8. Being oversensitive to remarks from people around you. To complete your mission and stay your course you need to learn to face negative remarks from your environment. Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you, and ignore the remarks of those frustrated people who prefer cutting you down over taking charge of their own life. Leave their remarks with them, as their remarks say more about who they are than about who you are. Especially don't start analyzing their behavior, but rather concentrate on your own life goal. This way you are an example for all who one day also start living their mission.

9. Thinking you still need a lot of time to prepare yourself. Make sure not to waste too much time and energy on lengthy preparations and considerations. There's no need to go get professional help all the time. One day you will have to get your feet wet yourself. It doesn't have to be perfectly planned before you can get it going. It is practice that makes perfect! What matters is to take that first step and start things up. Your experience in the field will eventually turn you into an expert. You cannot obtain experience through endless thinking and preparing. Concrete action is the only ground you can build on.

Do not be discouraged. This resistance is part of the package. A life without challenge would be quite boring. Make use of your resources to make sure you stay on track.

In any case, you will be enjoying more energy and happiness, now that you head towards your goal and overcome your resistance to change. This energy and joy can be radiated to your environment, and your example will urge others to start looking for their own mission.

Ineke Van Lint, psychologist, life coach and expert in enthusiasm. She helped hundreds of people to achieve happiness and success in all areas of their life, respecting their personal values, style and dreams. Take your chance now. Grab your free e-course and free inspirational quotes at


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