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Keep Your Momentum Moving Forward Toward Success With Specific Habits


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To become successful, you MUST have momentum behind you. While there are many strategies to build momentum, here is another MUST-KNOW strategy to move you forward toward your own success:

Build Your Success Habits

Success is nothing more than doing the right things consistently. In other words, success is a series of habits strung together.

Now, while one's success cannot be duplicated exactly (because we all have different destinies), there are some habits that are universal. These habits, though tedious at times, will help you get started and keep rolling toward your success (however you define it).

A few of these habits are:

a. Never stop learning

Whatever endeavor you want to be successful at, you must never stop learning. The most successful people in the world are students at heart.

They are always listening to people who've succeeded before them. They can always be caught with a book in hand. They are constantly listening to audio courses and attending seminars.

Successful people study and internalize material until they know it cold.

One way to develop this habit is by making a list of people who are successful at what you desire. Then, find out what products they've created to help you do the same. Finally, buy everything they have.

I spend thousands of dollars every year on materials to get me ahead. And I'll never stop doing that because it's a habit that works.

NOTE: You have to take action on this habit for it to work. . . there is no magic spell.

b. Always start with your outcome in mind

No matter what the situation, successful people know their outcome. They know it before they start. They know it while they're taking action. And they know it when they achieve it.

One way to develop this habit is by asking yourself, “What do I really want from this?"

If you keep this question in the front of your mind before doing anything, I guarantee you'll achieve better results.

It's impossible not to. When you ask a better question you automatically get a better answer. And asking what you really want is a GREAT question.

c. Never, ever give up

Successful people never give up, period.

They might change directions. They might pause and take a time out for a short period of time. But they never give up!

There's no real profound way of developing this habits. It's pretty much this: never, ever give up!

So, now that you know a few of the universal habits all successful have, it's time for you to develop your own success habits.

Use these three habits as a spring and develop a few more of your own. . . you can do it, just be consistent at whatever “it" is.

Weston Lyon is recognized as one of the nation's leading experts on finding time for what's important in life. To grab a FREE copy of Weston's e-book, 7 Strategies to Create Time in Your Crazy Busy Life, go to


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Keep Moving Forward How Not to Get Stuck in Failure
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