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Why Are You Not Making a Lot of Money?


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You want to earn a lot of money, don't you? I do. And every single person I asked said they wanted to also.

So, what have you been doing about it?

You probably have thought of asking the boss for a raise, or considering a second job, or switching to a higher paying job.

Do you know that every single one of those options to make more money comes with a price? You will need to give up of your time, or to take on more responsibilities, for the extra cash.

Do you know that if this is how you are going to make more money, there is no way that you are going to make a lot of money? You may be superman, or wonderwoman, but you really only have so much time or talent to spread around.

So, right now, you probably settle with making good money. You have enough to spend, and then some. You drive a nice car, holiday at least once a year, dine at nice restaurants, and splurge a little when you are in the mood.

But in exchange, you give your time, your passion, and basically your life. You never seem to have enough time, you keep missing your kid's piano recital or what not, and you are stressed out most of the time - all for the pursuit of more money.

But I'm sure you have friends that does not quite fit into that mold. These friends are quite well off, like you, but their lifestyle is the direct opposite of yours. They never work late at the office, they are always on time for appointments and half of their time seems to be spent on the golf course, or in their clubs, or otherwise relaxing.

And they are really not that much different from you. You are all well read, well informed and well educated. Financially, you are both in the same tax bracket. They are pretty smart, but then so are you. In fact, in practically every sense of the word, both of you are peers. The only difference is that they have a life, you don't!

What do they know, that you don't?

Well, I really can't speak for you or your friends but in general, I think the difference is in the attitude towards money. It can be simply summarized in the phrase:

"An honest day's work for an honest day's pay. "

You believe in it, they don't.

Think about it for a second. Every time you want to earn more money, you think of giving something in return. Nothing wrong with that, except that you have limited time, resources and talent - and you want to earn a lot of money.

What do you think your friend will do when he's looking to make more money?

I will bet that he will start spending even more time on the golf course, and in his clubs, and going on even more holidays. He is enjoying himself, but at the same time, he is expanding his horizons, looking for new ideas, making friends, building contacts, and setting up joint ventures.

When you want to earn more money, you exchange your time and resources for more money. When your friend wants to earn more money, he leverages or “expands" his time and resources for more money.

So, start leveraging your time and resources instead of simply exchanging them for cash.

David Lim is the webmaster of - a site offering information, advice and resources for a newbie looking to start an online home-based business. Probably the best thing about this site is that it tells it like it is, without any of the hype that is so typical in other similar sites.


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A Method of Making Money Online With No Selling, Ebay, Making a Website, Or MLM
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