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Launching Success - Where Does It All Start?


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We've all heard of the 80 / 20 rule right, we'll I'm here to show you once again how true these numbers are and how YOU can use them once again to increase your business, grow at an amazing rate, and increase YOUR check!

The idea that things have to be perfect before we can move on will paralyze you and your business. People tend to focus on the 20% - trying to perfect everything there for they are NOT taking action.

In life you need to learn to go out and do it. Make it happen. Stop worrying about doing everything perfect. You've got to do the 80% first, than you can go out and perfect things, do the tweaking that is necessary.

A Great example of this is Steve, a friend of mine who recently published his first book. He wanted it to print his book in conversational script. It was only 80% but wanted to get it out. There are grammatical issues, period issues, run on sentences, etc. He didn't want a text book; he wanted an easy read full of substantial information.

He kept going back and forth back and forth with his editor and finally he decided to print the book, get it out there.

A Radio Voice called him after reading his book and invited him to air on her who. She said “you know if you really cleaned this up, it could be perfect it's got so much great content, it would be the perfect manuscript if you'd take care of some of this stuff. I wouldn't even put it out there. "

He quickly told her if he hadn't have put this book out there he wouldn't be on her radio show. And that's the difference; most people get caught up in the details.

Yes there are grammatical errors that will be fixed, but the bottom line is he took action, got the book out there and now working on the detail with his editor to tweak the errors.

Another great example of this is Windows. When Microsoft sends out a new version of windows, it's only 80% done, and sometimes only 60% done. And then they send out what they call a patch. The patch fixes the soft wear. Do people complain? Yes, but it's still the most popular sold software ever.

There are people out there who are conditioned to look for the errors, but there are plenty of people out there that are positive and don't even see the errors. They look for the information. People, who are taking action, people who are doers.

If you want to be something or do something, quit worrying about everything being perfect, it won't be, so just get into action. One thing about writers, the write and write and write, and end up spending more time editing than writing. People will let you know when there are errors and you want to hear that so that you can fix it, but you know what. . . I got a book, do you have a book? Get it out there, go chase your dream; pursue what ever you are doing. Instead of worrying about being perfect, just do it, take action.

Quit worrying about perfection. Most people get caught up in the 20% perfection instead of focusing on the 80% of getting into ACTION

I'm an artist and I think I have to be perfect so I don't move forward,

I'm a signer so I think I have to be perfect so I don't sign.

Life is not about perfection. There is beauty in imperfection. Life is about doing, life is about action, life is about being bold, life is about focusing on that 80%.

If you focus on perfection you will stand still. Be bold, put it out there, get into action today! Will you stumble and fall? Absolutely, the question is will be stand back up, dust yourself off and move forward, if you are in action you will. You will also reach your life goals and have fun along the way!

About the Author: Pearla Phillips is an entrepreneur and self development junky. Her passion for inner growth and sharing it with others is contagious. Her website at offers an opportunity for others to have proven financial freedom thru the use personal development. For more FREE information on how you can benefit send a blank email to


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