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A Mental Technique To Expand Income


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Learn a secret to great power. Imagine that the amount of income you receive in a typical month is an abstract shape up in the air in front of you. For some it takes the appearance of a type of cloud, for others it's a more concrete shape. It might have a color, be clear or opaque, stationary or moving, emitting sound or quiet. Just allow yourself to view a mental representation of your monthly income up in the air in front of you wherever it feels natural, and take a moment to describe it to yourself taking special note of it's size. For some it is like a white and puffy cloud, for others it's a shape rich in dark color which slowly undulates. Whatever it is for you, just notice it, again with particular attention to its size.

Although for many it is difficult to do, expand the size of the shape by a full one hundred percent in your mind's eye. Double the size of your mental container called “monthly income. " Does it budge when you try it? Does it expand? For many it only moves a little if at all, and immediately contracts to it's previous size, as though there is a degree of resistance in the way. Maybe your mind asks questions such as, “where would the extra money come from, " or make comments like, “I've never earned that much before, " “that's more than my family has ever earned. " If you were able to double the size of your income easily then you're done. Go read something else more helpful. Otherwise, if you're like me then you first found resistance to the new thought, so follow me a while longer.

In a moment I'm going to remind you of some money you made this past month which you had forgotten about, and as soon as I do so you will notice some movement or disruption in your representation of your monthly income. Once you notice that disruption, shaking, or whatever it is for you, then you must run with the moment and allow your shape to fully double in size. Are you ready, and do you understand what's going to happen? I'm going to “give you more money, " and your shape will be disturbed. It's at that moment that you need to put some energy into the image and allow it to expand until it is double in size, and then lock that new larger image in place. Ok.

This past month you earned money in interest from your checking account. Fact. If you have any money in a bank whatsoever, then you earned something in interest last month, and this month also. It might not be a lot, maybe a few cents, but it is money which you received and which you didn't need to work for in order to receive. Now, consider your shape representing your monthly income. This new information causes it to move or change somewhat - it's unstable. Right now use that instability and expand it until it is twice it's previous size. Yes, there it is, much larger. Excellent. Hold that image. That is your new “default" image when you consider what you receive in a typical month.


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