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The Ultimate Foundation For Power And Wealth


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Learn a secret to great power. A bucket holds more water than a pair of cupped hands, and a lake holds more than a bucket. It goes without saying that the size of a container determines how much water it can hold. Power and money are like water in that they need containers to hold them. Most people give little thought to this fact, and tend to carry around only as much power as they can fit in their pockets. Most people have a bank account to contain their money, and most bank accounts only insure up to one hundred thousand dollars. These are small, limiting containers.

Decide what sort of vessels you are going to use to contain your growing power and wealth. Never mind getting the containers filled up right now. First and foremost the vessels must exist and be firmly in place. Stop before dismissing this idea because of it's ridiculous simplicity. Consider an eight ounce water bottle. Nine ounces of water will not go into it. It won't happen. It can't happen. You can't wish, force, or in any way make nine ounces of water go into an eight ounce bottle. Freezing doesn't help. It's only one ounce more, but it won't fit. Reflect on this.

If you are in a big city you likely encounter people asking for money, usually a quarter or some amount of change less than one dollar, and they often have a cup or hat with change in it. Without judging the person consider for a moment the containers he has for wealth - a cup and a mental habit of asking for change. The causes of poverty aside, if a person's capacity for accepting money is small, then without question if given thousands of dollars he will in a very short time be back to quarters and dimes. There simply isn't the means to hold or possess larger amounts, and any excess simply spills over like the water off the edge of the bottle.

There are conceptual, figurative, idea “containers" that are held in our minds, but more importantly take notice of actual, literal, physical containers for wealth and power. Imagine every evening coming home and emptying change onto the dresser. Eventually a pile grows and you grab from it when you want gum, cigarettes, or a newspaper. The money leaves the pile easily because there are no borders, no container. It sometimes spills over and onto the carpet. The “container" is simply the flat surface of your dresser. Pouring water on your dresser wouldn't create a different effect.

Now suppose you had a box instead, and every evening tossed your change in it. You could easily take some out, but the effect is different. Not only can it contain more, but the box and lid create a different psychological effect as well. Being less visible and by not pouring over the edge of the furniture, the money collects more easily, and after becoming sizable you might toss some paper money in as well. Include a few empty paper rolls that are used when depositing change at the bank. After filling up with coins someone will eventually notice, wonder how much is in there, and start filling the paper rolls without any effort on your part. It always happens, guaranteed. After the box reaches a critical mass it screams to be counted. Once in rolls the money is less likely to be used for buying a newspaper or bus fare, and may end up in a bank account or in an investment. This is all simply to say that the attributes of a vessel determines it's ability to hold or accept a quantity.

Think about the fountains and streams in shopping malls, the type that have pennies and nickels in them. They collect money simply because they are there, open and waiting to receive. Look at the trash receptacles in the park. Daily they are almost full of trash, but were they not there the trash would be spread out over a wide area or people would hold on to it until home. They collect trash because they are there, and are empty. If you want to gain something you must first prepare for what you want to receive. If you want money, create containers for money. Open a brokerage account, or partition off part of your house or apartment in order to start a business. Essential to growing in abundance is the creation of literal, physical spaces or vessels with which to hold what you would receive. It's the same principle with any commodity or any concept. Someone wanting a supply of food must prepare a refrigerator and a cupboard. Someone wanting children must obtain one or more wombs and then get a nursery and strollers to contain them. The person who wants a car must prepare a place to park it. People with no space to park a car, whether in a garage or on a nearby street, do not, and cannot, have a car. All material goods, as well as every concept, emotion, or experience must have containers to hold them; and don't forget that time, especially scheduled time, is every bit as much a type of “container" as is a wooden barrel.

Go now and make, buy, rent, or borrow the containers you need. They must exist and be firmly under your control before they can hold anything useful for you.

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The One True Church Of Mammon is a religious organization with the stated intention of bringing greater and ever increasing worldly success into the lives of its members. This is accomplished by promoting sincere mutual self-interest, where members are encouraged to leverage the power of the organization as a whole in order to realize his or her own personal ambitions, financial or otherwise. Judge Lucre speaks for the Church.


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