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10 Attitude Sins You Must Avoid To Be Successful


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1. Pessimism. Your thoughts feed your actions. If you have negative thoughts it will surely slacken your actions and your motivation. Eliminate all your negative thoughts by thinking about your goals.

2. Procrastination. Delaying your scheduled tasks kills time and at the same time kills opportunities. You must always bear in mind that every second counts to be successful. You cannot return back a wasted time.

3. Laziness. Without any work or effort you will not get to success. As what the passage in Galatians (Gal 6:7) says, “. . . for whatever one sows, that he will also reap. " You always earn what you have worked for. So, if you want something to be done, then work for it.

4. Anxiousness. Distress of mind contributes to stress that triggers sickness. Anxiety should be avoided in order to develop a positive mind and healthier body. It is always good to start your tasks without any worries.

5. Greediness. Excessive desire for something either wealth or other things tends to lose your focus and just thinking. For greediness is always the root of unexpected twist of plans that ruins your path to success. You must be just at all times in order to have a clearer mind in making decisions.

6. Ungratefulness. “No man is an island" as the famous quotation says. Accept it or not, you are not alone in making your actions possible. There might be someone, your friend, colleague, or family who supports you in all your endeavors. Without a thankful heart, you will end up nowhere. It is not only about karma but on how you return the kindness of people around you. If you return back the same act of kindness, you attract positive energy that helps you in achieving your desired goals.

7. Vices. In general, vice is always the culprit of something bad either on health or practices. Vices teach you to be unwise and dependent. By eliminating vices, you open the door to positive changes in your life.

8. Unwillingness to change. If you want or desired something, there will come a time that you may need to adapt yourself into a certain situation just to achieve what you wanted in life. It might be hard to make changes particularly if you are talking about a permanent change. Perhaps you need to change a bad habit like tardiness. You may have to exert an extra effort to overcome that and make a permanent change on your habit. Unwillingness to change also means reluctant to maturity. You must accept changes in life enable to learn from your experiences.

9. Cowardice. A person who lacks courage is not capable of moving forward. If you are afraid of taking chances and risks you are also limiting yourself in succeeding. There is no successful man in this world who didn't take the risks. Cowardice to difficulties and life's uncertainties will not get you to the ladder of success. Better be courageous and persevere.

10. Lack of self-confidence. More oftentimes than not, people who lack confidence never succeed. A person without self confidence is also the same to a car without an engine. You cannot pursue your goals if you don't trust your own actions or decisions. However, you must not be overly confident because it blocks great ideas and possibilities. Just remember, anything that is too much will not be good and healthy for you.


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Avoid Suffering and Be Successful in All Fields
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