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Between Failure and Success


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When it comes to money ideas- either online or off line- selling product, service, or blogging- everyone wishes to succeed. So what is the key to succeed? Something I can tell you right now is what I am doing and focusing on everyday.

Today, I am so glad to share all my tips to you and I hope it can help you a lot if you follow these keys. All the key has helped me get my goal and encourage me from day by day and honestly, all the key I told you below is what I am consistently doing it. I have no reason to keep it secret for myself and I believe it won't hurt me if I just let others get some benefits.

1. Believing in yourself

You have to believe in yourself that you are into it. You have to be capable to face with the hardest obstacle in front of your face. Whatever obstacle it is- it just requires self-motivation, and encouragement. How much in those two things do you have?

2. Having the right buddies

Hanging around with successful people, making the right friend, and having mentor is the best way to get closer to your victory.

3. Everyday planning

You can't see how your future gonna be and you either don't know exactly what day or when you will achieve your goal- it is better for you to have a daily planning. Get a pen and paper and draw something by mixing your education, goal, and passion together to create a daily map to help you walk through for rest of the hard day.

4. Being a mentor and willing to help others

Willing to help others giving you the value. The more value you have, The more rewards you get. Giving first is something you want to do. By linking your value, knowledge, and willingness to help others can make people believe in you. The more believers you have, The more opportunities will return to you.

5. Positive attitude

Be ready for any successful moment. Positive attitude can show you with the golden opportunity hit. So how much positive attitude do you have?

6. Take serious action when you spot opportunity

Opportunity does exist all over the place but only few people can see and get over it, because most of the people fear and do not believe in them self that they can do it when the opportunity is in front of the face. So make sure you never give up when you see opportunity.

7. Showing responsibility when you make mistakes

People do make mistakes. it is just big or small- few or many. Tell you the truth I did a lot of mistakes when I started making money online in the first place either till now, but I never blamed myself or anyone- I just consider them as learning experiences and will never be repeated again. Blaming yourself or anyone helps you nothing but forcing you to loose your self- motivation and encouragement- just take your responsibility and get over it!

8. Ready to take risk

This is the most factor many successful people do. No risk, No opportunity! Risk is a starting point in any business- if you want to get your goal, you should have a willingness to take risk- whatever it happens just go with the flow! You know people make mistakes, but just remember never let the same mistake happened to you again. As long as your risk is legal and not hurting someone else you likely achieve it at the end of the day.

9. Dig until you see the gold

Most of the people fail because of giving up their dream, passion, and self- encouragement in half way. Never let yourself being like those people. Get a mentor, use your knowledge, tight your passion in one place with your heart, and look really carefully to your plan. Just remember in your head, no matter where, what, or who you are you have to finish it!

10. Never getting closer to the useless person

Those people will not want to help you. They just want to kill your opportunity since they are lazy and giving up their self- motivation instead of finding their own opportunities. Knowing them is nothing but loosing your self- encouragement.

Making it short, the achievement of your goal in any business is depending on self- encouragement, responsibility, planning, mentor, positive attitude and of course a willingness to take risk.

So now, you know all the key which can get me far till this day. Hope it inspires you and gets you through the rest of the day.

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