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Identify Success

Glen P Jon

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Being able to identify success is quite an issue. It is common to be successful one way or another without realization. Typically people unaware consistently defy their own efforts. This is because of greed, so-called stress and many other things. Self-preservation is basic for the conscious mind. The problem is every human has more then one conscious with in their mind. The fore-conscious and the sub-conscious reside in one mind. Conditioned responds effect the subconscious as the fore-conscious selectively deals with on going matter and vice versa. Imagine using Windows on your computer without a mouse and without anti-spyware. The human mind can be like that sometimes.

Years ago, I was an example of self defiance. I launched a very small paid per click campaign and received sales. At that time I should have re-invested my income back into more paid per click ads. I got distracted because my check for the sales didn't come to me until two weeks later. Being greedy and impatient, I forgot about my ppc sales after a week and a half. Distractions tempted me in to “illusions of grandeur. " None of the distractions where worth while. Distractions are many on the internet. My original plan worked after trying many offers that failed. Small success led to bigger success. I'm merely saying be thankful for what you have. You can build on the small things and make them larger. Be patient.

Be careful. Greed can definitely work against you. The internet is filled with exciting deals. There's an old saying : “Control yourself and you will be able to control your environment. " Each of us have things of value, if it is no more than the ability to be friendly. You have something of value. Carefully access your situation. What you may think of as little, may be enormous in the long run. Simple things deserve appreciation. My “little" paid per click sales were worth while even though it took two weeks to receive a check.

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