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Is This Overlooked Secret Holding You Back?


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Have you discovered that you have read many self help books, listen to Cd's, did most of what was suggested yet nothing has really changed? Are you in the same old place? Are you looking to have a break out year? Being successful at whatever you desire is no mystery, success leaves clues. Successful people share some very common characteristics, learning what they are and applying them will help put you on the fast track. I hear stories all the time as to why a person could not do this or accomplish that. The main thing that stands between people and what they want are the reasons why they can't have it. Winners create results, whiners make excuses. This may seem a little harsh, but it is an absolute truth. Grasping this truth will give you a great jump start but in itself will not bring you the total success you seek. There still remains a little talked about secret that is necessary for that breakthrough experience.

I remember when I jumped on the self improvement bandwagon a number of years ago and did all the things we talked about. While I was experiencing personal growth and changes were occurring, I was still struggling on a financial level. No matter what I tried I just could not seem to breakthrough to that next level. Then one day while listening to one of my mentors speak it suddenly came together and my life changed forever. I was absolutely shocked when I learned that less than 10% of the people who buy a book or buy a cd seminar ever go past the first chapter or cd. I eagerly attacked the material, but I was often very guilty of not applying all the skills taught or doing all the exercises. Then it clicked. There are a number of common characteristics or skills that successful people share. It is not some successful people, some of the key skills, some of the time. It is all successful people , apply all of the key skills, all the time.

Maybe a trip to the kitchen can give us a better understanding of this. Imagine that today we are going to make chocolate brownies. With all the ingredients in front of us what would happen if we forgot to add the chocolate or maybe the mix? That's right- a disaster! What if we did just the opposite? After adding all the ingredients we decided to add a cup of vinegar or sour pickles? I don't think our chocolate brownies would be much of a success. I have found that is exactly what most people do when embarking on a self help program. Instead of applying what they learn, they try a few of the steps but leave out many of the key ingredients. Yet some people add a few extra things into the mixture like a dash of fear, or a pinch of negative speech! Leaving out or adding ingredients to the mixture destroys the recipe. Take a few minutes and reflect on the key essential ingredients to accomplishing the level of success you seek. Now write them down. You will definitely succeed if you go a little slower , focus on developing all of the essential skills, and make it a daily habit. Success is not something we bump into, fall over, or develop once and forget about. It is a lifestyle, a way of life, it takes effort and time. We are victims of our habits, great habits develop great results, and bad habits. . . . . well I think you know.

David Panarese is a life and business coach. He spends his time mentoring and assisting people on how to reach their ultimate lifestyle. He is the owner of five websites ranging from shopping malls, telecommunications, health, and success training. We invite you to join our Free Newsletter Health, Wealth, & More .

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