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Is Your Belief Holding You Back?

Lisa Willard

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Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. " Napolean Hill.

Is your life fulfilling, rewarding. Do you have the satisfying career that provides you with success, happiness, freedom you so much deserve? If you answered no, let's take a look at the reason.

I want to ask you one more question. Are your current thoughts empowering you? Or are they sabotaging your business success? Do you believe you can succeed? Since I've been in the network marketing industry, I've seen it many times - lack of belief.

Belief is such a simple process. . . . . . one would think. But so many people just dismiss it.
Your energy is fueled by your beliefs. So fuel yourself with positive energy. It's empowering to BELIEVE.

In every situation there are only two ways to go: Believe you can or believe you can't. Either way, you're right, and both ways. . .

You will achieve ONLY what you believe.

Look at your life right now. . . . . . That's what you have believed until now.

Don't like what you've got? Change your beliefs. It's the only way.

Do this a simple exercise for the next 30 days. Each day right down 10 successes for that day. These can be small or big.

Taking a shower, getting the kids to school are all successes. Write them down and begin the process now.

It's amazing and fulfilling when you have the belief. That's the moment your business will have new life. Belief attracts others.

Empower yourself with your beliefs. Fear holds people back. Don't be one of them.

Lisa Willard is a life-time learner and online marketer. Are you interested in learning the secrets of building a business online? You can contact me at or visit my personal website at


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What's Your Excuse? Where Are You Going and How Are Your Holding Yourself Back?
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