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Seven Steps To Success

Len Foster

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1 Take immediate action.

Write down everything you want to be different in your life from this moment on. As a guide I have listed some topics below use these if you want to but be sure to add lots of your own. Don't rationalize just write.

  • be in control of my life

  • live with less stress

  • not feeling guilty about saying no

  • doing more of what I do want to do

  • doing less of what I don't want to do

  • be better at managing my time

  • feel happy and joyful

  • enjoy life to the full

  • make the most of opportunities

  • have more confidence

  • have work life balance

  • have more energy

  • have inner peace

    2 Create the change.

    To get different results you will need to think and act differently. Remember “if you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got". Write down 10 ways you can be a different person today, one that will do and have the things you wrote down in your list from step 1. Examples would be:

  • more loving

  • grateful

  • confident

  • in control

  • healthier

  • think clearly

    When you write them down start with Today I am e. control of my life. Then when you have completed your list take some time in a quiet place and read them again and after each one think, really imagine what it would be like to experience this in your life. What would you sound like, how would you look, where would you be, who would you be with and what would you be doing? Really go to town with your imagination.

    3 Develop a game plan.

    Decide where you can put these changes into your life today. You could for example decide to eat more healthily, you could take a little time to think of all the things you are grateful for in your life. If you are attending a meeting you could decide to behave more confidently. You could resolve to think clearly about things before you form an opinion.

    4 Prioritize.

    From the list of changes you want to make decide which is most important and rank that number1 then rank the rest 2, 3, etc. When writing down the change also write where you will implement it and why e. g. Confidence - at the meeting today I will voice my opinion because what I have to say has value.

    5 Review.

    When you start to believe in and value yourself more you will find other values and beliefs surface that you were not previously aware of. Use these for positive change where appropriate e. g. to boost your self esteem. Take your new confidence and develop it to make a better contribution at work and socially. Value yourself and you will attract others that value you also.

    6 Lose the negatives save the positives.

    Remember you can change the way you believe about you or anything else if you decide to e. g. you may have changed support for a political party because you stopped believing they would deliver on their promises. Take the negatives from your old beliefs and ditch them. Save the positives and use them to reinforce the new you.

    7 Be in control.

    Constantly question if what going on in your head right now (call it mind chatter, head gremlins whatever you want) is a positive or a negative influence on what you are trying to achieve. If you decide it's negative replace it immediately with positive thoughts of your desired outcome. What would a more positive belief be about what you want to achieve be? Attach strong uplifting emotion to the belief. Create a new rule for negative mind chatter e. g. “any time I have a negative thought I will think of 10 positive ones to replace it with". Mindset dictates success so, be the person who's cup is always half full and you will succeed.

    Len Foster is a certified Life Coach based in the West Midlands in the UK and the director of New-Horizons Coaching. Whilst he coaches generally he specializes in applying coaching to help individuals meet the requirements of company appraisals and apply information learned from training in the workplace to optimize performance.

    You can visit Len at or contact him on “helping ordinary people create extraordinary lives"

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