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The Millionaire Mindset


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Let's take a look at the millionaire mindset!

Some say that money is the root of all evil, but in reality it is not money that is evil. What is evil is the action that some would take to fulfill theirs wants & needs. It is true that a select few have gotten rich by stepping over the little guys and profiting from their losses, but not everyone would take candy from a baby. There are many successful people out there that are just like you & me. In the business world succeeding legitimately is possible and all you need are a few things:

* Desire.

In order to get something you have to want it. . and not just a little! You need to want something so badly that you will do almost anything to get it! Keep in mind that you want to do everything legally when pursuing any type of monetary gain, but you will need the desire from the bottom of your heart. The human idea of ‘wanting’ is something that can drive you towards your goals and towards success!

* Faith & Positivity.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you can succeed. If you have faith and don't think negatively then the chances of success have automatically raised significantly. Human belief is a powerful thing and just by thinking that you can ‘win’ will give you the upper edge in any situation. Remember that if you concentrate your thoughts of negative aspects it will only magnify their outcome probability. Think on the bright side and you will always be safe!

* Confidence.

Once again Believe in yourself! Someone who is confident will always appear to have the upper hand at any given time when faced with someone of equal strength. The fact that you are confident will not only make you more capable, but it will also make others want to place their bets on you! If the ball is in your court and you drive to the basket without any doubts then you will make it far.

* Integrity

Follow your moral and ethical values. Even if your competitors are cheating the system to succeed it doesn't mean you should step down to their level. Will you really feel that great once you have achieved wealth if you played dirty to get to the top? Integrity will make you stand out by far when it comes to business. Your reputation means a lot when it comes to online marketing. . . so how will it look if everyone finds out you have been dishonest? Play fair and your victory will be that much greater!

* A Vision

I was once told that it takes a visionary to build a company. I asked the person what it means to be a visionary and he responded “Well, you just need to have a vision. You need to know what needs to be done in order to reach a certain outcome. " It might not mean much to anyone, but they were strong words to me. I took that idea and it seemed to have gotten me far! There are many people out there who have a vision of world peace or a vision of equal prosperity. . . you just have to take those ideas and apply them towards your business. Always Dream big!

The above are five basic things that you need in order to make money on the internet. In fact you can take those five basic principles and apply them to anything. You can use them in sports, relationships, community and education. These five things are necessary if you want to increase your chances of success!

The following two character traits I have just added because I found them to be helpful in my quest towards financial freedom. Here they are:

* Indifference.

Did you ever notice that most millionaires don't really seem to deserve all the money they have? Did you ever wonder why many millionaires seem like horrible people? Well. . . it is just one of those stereotypes that have always been there. They always concentrate on a millionaire's arrogance just like they always concentrate on the deceptive qualities of lawyers. In the media, people are always portrayed to follow certain stereotypes but it doesn't mean that it is always the case. Anyways, you will notice that things will just come to you when you aren't looking for it. If you play the lottery every single day hoping to win you will be disappointed, but did you notice that there are so many random winners who have never played before and won? With that being said. . . the more you concentrate on money and think that the world revolves around dollars and cents, then the more disappointed you will be when you fail. If you don't care so much about money then you will find yourself with more money in the long run.

* Selfishness.

I know this is probably not one of the best qualities to have but it is important if you want to succeed. Caring about others is great and I think it is really important to do so but when it comes to your future then you have to be a little selfish. Do what it takes to take you to where you want to go and once you are there you can share! Becoming rich isn't something that you can just do for someone else, you have to want to do it for yourself! You will realize when the time comes that by being a little selfish on your path to financial freedom that now you can give your friends and family more then you could have ever given before!

So if you want to become a millionaire, then you have to think like a millionaire! It isn't so complicated after all. Always remember that you can reach any goals if you put your mind to it. This is what I truly believe and if others disagree then that is just their own opinion. Everything I have ever accomplished was because I believed that I could. So just believe in yourself and your abilities and you will go the distance!

My name is KG Lew I am the author of the I am currently writing this blog to help others learn about the different areas of internet marketing and to help others make some money online.


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