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Accounting For Successes And Failures


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It might be surprising that given similar circumstances, some people make spectacular progress while others continue to struggle. It is seen that if two individuals are given the same facilities and resources, there is no guarantee that both of them will achieve the same results.

Providing capital, technology, education and medical facilities may not be enough to bring forth success to individuals. These factors are very important in themselves but by no means the exclusive to move a person forward.

The most important thing which takes one forwards is how he exploits all the resources at his command. There is a certain way of doing things and everyone cannot master the same. Many individuals devise their own ways of doing things. That is why we constantly hear about factors like innovation, unique style, detailed panning, timing and fast application as some of the important factors having a bearing on ultimate success.

There are also the laws of cause and effect. Like efforts produce like results. If things are done in a certain way, success is the most likely outcome.

Not only that like actions will bring in like results, but that these will be proportional to the amount of efforts put in.

One also needs to be systematic and persistent in one's actions. There will be occasions when actions may not bring in desired results, but with constant trial and persistence, one is more likely to succeed.

Having faith in a certain things is equally important. One should have faith in one's goals and the methods for achieving the same. Faith boosts purpose and propels a person.

Closely associated with faith is clarity of purpose. Any action that an individual does should have some objective. Nothing can be done in the dark and aimlessly. There should be clarity of thought and meaning in one's goals.

No system can be permanent. Systems need to be constantly evolved and improved. It is quite possible that at a certain stage one system may become obsolete and then a new system needs to be developed. There is no hope for success if actions are disorderly. They have to be focused for maximizing returns.

People also interact with others. No one can ever achieve anything in isolation. Proper interaction with others will ensure that any outside help can be easily forthcoming and utilized effectively.

People will also need to be at ease and in peace with the outside world at large.

There is no unique method of success. What applies to one may not be applicable to the other. Every purpose and action depends upon individual circumstances and initiatives.

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