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The Eternal Laws Of Success


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Most articles on success deal with how to make a plan, the importance of commitment or making choices. Literally tens of thousands of articles, books, courses, seminars, retreats just to name a few, have picked success apart piece by peace. Success has been analyzed and studied for years with mostly the same results. Class room study does not make a successful person. It may be a contributor but not an end result.

Success is a Mindset

Success is a mindset. What constitutes success for one person may not be for another. Success also spends broad spectrums encompassing societies as well as world events. So success is not simply an individual experience, it is an human emotion and a mechanical result at the same time.

For many, success is a driving force which propels them toward satisfaction or completion. There can be no satisfaction without completion because the desired result is satisfaction.

Satisfaction is an Internal Response

For the most part, satisfaction is an internal response. It lets you know when an action is approved. Success is approval or acceptance of a completed action. This says, success cannot be possible without some form of action. If action is the force of success then stimulus is its fuel. Stimulus occurs from passion, desire, or need, which stems from fear, love, necessity, or craving. All of these are factors which accommodate success.

Here are seven more laws that drive success.

1. The Law of Negotiation - Agreement

In some instance, negotiation is necessary to gain success. When working with someone who holds power, you may have to negotiate for position. A good negotiator can initiate terms, bargain for arrangement, and satisfy agreement. The need to be a good negotiator is imperative in your quest for success.

2. The Law of obedience - Faithfulness

Lack of obedience is the number one killer of success. When a person can't be true to his/her promise, the result is failure. Obedience is being true to the cause. When a statement is made, obedience carries it through.

3. The Law of perception - Realization

Without perception there is no realization. Perception is the understanding or view of a particular account. Your perception of the sought after goal draws a picture of desire for it. If you perceive it to be undesirable, there is no reasoning for acquiring If you perceive it to be worthwhile or worthy, then desire becomes action which becomes success.

4. The law of Direction

Another common reason for failure is loss of direction or no direction in the first place. You would not fire off in a rocket to the moon without first mapping the course and you can't obtain complete success without first mapping how to get there. First you have to define the goal, set a course and follow the directions on how to get there. A goal becomes easy if you simply lay out its’ directions. Making a map helps but isn't worth anything if you don't follow directions. Like putting together a toy for your child, if you don't follow the manufacture's directions it will take longer to put it together or possibly you won't assemble it at all. Be prepared to follow directions.

5. The Law of Planning

Planning for success gets you prepared for the journey. Your plan is your signature of acceptance for the realization of the goal. Success is a result of planning. I know, it's been said a million times before, but that's because it is true. A truth is always a truth and worthy of repeating. Take the time to devise a plan for success. Plan for exiting if things go wrong. Plan every step in the journey.

6. The Law of preparedness

Being prepared armors you with a sword of defense. Preparedness is protection against any foreseeable and unforeseeable events that might take place on your mission for success. The most well prepared person is the one who will win the battle and ultimately the war.

7. The Law of increase

The law of increase is one of God's biggest laws. Every success is an exercise in expansion. The universe, population, highways, cities everything either expands or stagnates and dies. Success is a result or accumulation of expended efforts which results in satisfaction. Boy, didn't that sound technical?

Natural Laws Govern Humans

These laws of God, given to Man are inborn forces ready to be used. Because man was created with God like qualities so he/she also is to implement these laws of promise. In God's creation, sounds, tastes, sight, feel, emotion, imagination, compassion, and pleasure are all regulated to satisfy man's every need.

God may have put a threshold on the senses of man but He didn't remove the desire to excel. This impulsion to succeed drives humans to experience the creation through his/her relationship with it.

The Door to Opportunity is always open

While the rewards of life hinge on doors of opportunity someone still has to swing them open. There is no one simple answer to all the problems of the world, there are only responses to questions. Mediocrity deprives man of just rewards while the inner man, (spirit) cries for freedom. Regrettably, many people have no desire to succeed, living lives of desperation that are dull, drab and uneventful.

Wake up and Enjoy Life

They never truly wake up from their self-made fate. I know a man who died and they revived him. He said it was like waking up for the first time. His life experience changed in a heartbeat. Everything was new and fresh, and he saw life in an entirely new light.

Because his perception was from another place, he was able to see the opportunity of a second chance afford him. Colors became more vibrant sounds were crisper and everywhere he turned he saw opportunity. Before he saw only survival where potential reward was. God had gotten his attention in a very distinctive way.

Don't fall into the arms of complacency. Make success your top priority.

Happy Trails

Donald Yates, Former Director of Business and Leadership Development for Imperial Research, is now retired but continues to assist young people in engaging life through self discovery, Life course planning, intuitiveness and fulfillment. Learn how you can build a powerful organization of your own.

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