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To Improve Means To Make Changes! Your Life Lessons!


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Why people change?

Pain: Pain you get from making small and large mistakes. Your life lessons to learn.

Small Mistakes

The pain that you experience over time can damage your state of well being. Small mistakes do not bother you much but the large ones can have a deep impact in your wallet and your psyche.

If you make a mistake making a wrong turn or getting off at the wrong exit on the turnpike, that will make you lose time if you have an important engagement. This experience will force you to leave home the next time you have to go a strange place. So, you will take your Global Positioning System, guidance system with you in the car to prevent getting lost and arriving on time.

Large mistakes: your life lessons

The experience you get by making large mistakes can be disastrous to your emotions. Your whole life can be severely shocked and you lose your bearing and purpose in life. If you lose your job but had only one skill, it would be difficult to get another job in a hurry. You will think and reflect on the time you were supposed to educate yourself by getting a higher level education. If you have a tremendous amount of debt, this will remind you of your inability of generating a bigger income.

A great impact to your life can change the ay you behave. It can come from a stranger talking to you at the mall, a movie you saw recently, an accident you saw on your way to work, or just about anything that you can connect with that hits home in your life. These experiences alone can get you to reach greater heights in your life and surprise your friends, family and acquaintances. Take heed in your life lessons.

Having the right amount of motivation will push you to make changes to improve yourself. But, the environment you are now in may be preventing you from experiencing that shock and dramatic experience you need to make the necessary changes to propel yourself to bigger things.
When you are surrounded by numerous negative influences you do not know have a clue which way to turn or who to turn to. So, what do you do to make a big positive jump in life and live a life of fulfillment?

You can start by making improvements in your life by doing these things below:

1 - Realize that you are the only one who has the responsibility to fulfill your dreams. Stay away from negative people, places and things. Write out your dreams in broad terms and visualize them.

2 - Believe in your capabilities. Have a strong desire to win at whatever you put your mind to do.

3 - Before you embark on any thing you want to do, make sure you first look at it from every angle. This action can save you unnecessary headaches and time. If you are determined you will have motivation. Develop the ability to see both sides of any situation - like a coin.

4. - Giving up is not an option. Never do it. Face your challenge. The fear is greater than the situation itself. Face your fears and you will see how easy the solution really is.

5. - Life is supposed to be enjoyable. Do not let anyone or anything rob you of the natural gift. You will find that you will be more motivated more and accomplish more when you are happy.

6. - Your family is your legacy. They are the ones that matter in your life. You cannot replace them. They are the ones you must cherish. Do not take work too seriously that you forget your family.

7 - Do your fair share and more and get the benefits from your life lessons. You will be well rewarded. The rewards will come unannounced and in buckets. . . Motivation and self-improvement can come from anywhere. Take advantage to turn a bad situation into a good one. Look at the positives- at home, work, garden, parks, store, and anywhere you are at the moment. You can learn a lot by looking. . . according to a famous baseball player.

8. - Your dreams are yours only- hang on to them. Do not lose sight of them and find ways to make it happen. Never let negative thoughts enter your mind. Cancel them with positive ones.

9 - Ignore negative comments and replace them with positive ones with action. Don't let other people steal your motivation and enthusiasm with their feedback to you. Stay away from people who want to steal your thunder - the kind of people who envy your success or your accomplishments.

10 - You are a unique individual. No one is like you. You have a special purpose. Find out what that is and give it your best. The key to your success is within you. The key to your failure is when you want to be everything to everybody.

11. - Try, try and try again. It does not matter how many times you fail. But, examine what you are doing with a critical eye and make the necessary changes but keep forging ahead-no matter how beak it seems. Success is a bunch of failures anyway.

12 - Love yourself for who you are. Remind yourself of this every day. Align and surround yourself with people who can shower you with words of wisdom and enlightenment to make your dreams come true. It will be your life lessons for a long time.

13. - When you put your determination and motivation together it is like putting on your work clothes to make things happen. .

14 - Play fair with all who you have dealings with. Be a straight shooter. Honestly and integrity is key.

15. - Keep your eyes and ears open. You will learn a lot vicariously-as you watch what someone does and how he does it. Learn how things should be and how it really should be.

16. - Perfect practice makes perfect. Do not practice the wrong way. Find out the correct way then practice it. Your motivation will let you learn in ways you never dreamed about.

17. - Never is a quitter. Again, never be a quitter. Deliberately choose the way you will go. I hope it is -a winner.

18. - Listen to the little voice within you which is tells you to get started. Once you do this others will follow. Be a leader. It builds motivation.

19 - Write off procrastinating from your life. This is a time waster and holds up your progress in life.

20. - You must take control of your life. Have a strong sense of discipline and self-control. These two attributes are key components to your self-improvement.

21. - Try to understand other peoples’ views. Listen more and talk less. Your learn more by listening.

22. - Visualize your dreams every chance you get. If your do not have a vision your motivation level will be low or nonexistent. What good is a boat on dry land if you are a fisherman?

23. - Your desire must be strong. You must want success more than anything else. Dream that dream and believe in your dreams. Believing is an essential ingredient to motivation and self-improvement.

24. - have zip in your life. Be a super achiever. Be different from others. Do not be with the crowd. They are usually wrong.

25. - You are a special and unique person. So, you must value your life and existence. You are a real special person. Your life is not a rehearsal. Make every second count to be the best you can be. . .

26. - Take time to narrow your focus on your dreams and do not let anyone-anyone- derail your, steer you away from your deep passion to succeed in life.

The author is a Personal Development Counselor, PDC. , and researcher in human behavior and herbal medicine. He has been helping people for over 30 years to maximize their true potential by conducting personal, and family counseling to those in need. He also promotes this service by making information products available on the internet through e-books, DVD's, CD's email courses, etc. You can visit his website at: to learn more about the “Ten Commandments of Self Improvement"


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