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Live Your Dreams - Six Steps To Success And A Life You Love


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Here's an easy way to remember the six main steps to a life that's successful - in whatever way you choose to define success. The key is in the word DREAMS. Dreams are where we start, and each letter of the word is also a reminder of another important step.

D: Start with a dream. Obvious, right? We all want to retire to a tropical island and spend our days on the beach drinking cocktails. Oh, you don't drink? And you'd rather be climbing mountains? Oh well, everyone's different. What's your dream? The better you understand what you're looking for, and WHY, the more chance you have of achieving it.

R: Recognise Where You Are

It might be a long way from where you are now to where you want to be, but I guarantee if you look hard enough at your life now, you will start to find the talents and resources you need. Have the challenges of your life made you quick-thinking and persuasive, or doggedly determined? Are you wildly creative or a brilliant organiser? These are the skills that will help you along the way.

E: Examine Your Options

You know where you are, and where you want to get to. Now you can start thinking about the route. Are there things you need to learn? Resources you need to acquire? Be wary of assuming you need to earn a fortune before you start. Far more people make their fortune as a result of living their dreams, and helping others live theirs, than live their dreams as a result of chasing a fortune. If you can't find a creative way to get what you need, ask a friend or a coach to brainstorm with you.

A: Act

This one's short and sweet, but unmissable if you want to get anywhere. As soon as you have a reasonable idea of your route, set out. You can always correct your course later, and you'll learn far more by getting out there and exploring the territory than by sitting at home examining the map.

M: Monitor Progress

Once you've got moving, don't forget to keep track of your progress. Notice what's working and what's not, and whenever something's not working, go back to looking at the options and seeing what you could do differently. And, when something is working, don't forget the final step. . .

S: Succeed and Celebrate!

Of course, the life of your dreams at the end is a huge reward. But don't forget to enjoy the journey too. When you reach a milestone, take a moment to rest, admire the view and the progress you've made, and reward yourself with a healthy treat!

Stephanie Cage is a writer and life coach. Visit her website at to find out how she can help you life the life of your dreams.


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