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Success By Failure! - Success Principle #3

Norris Williams II

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Why do schools teach us that failing is the worst thing ever? If we made less than a 70 on a test, we were scorned, threatened, and considered dunces. If you blurted out a wrong answer everyone laughed at you. Sometimes it gets to the point where you are afraid to raise your hand. So you go through school without a complete understanding? How could that be productive? It isn't.

Corporate America is no different. Many employers offer performance bonuses, nice salaries, and benefits packages. Still, the fact remains, an employee's primary motivation is to work hard enough not to get fired. There is an issue inherent there.

Most successful persons have failed miserably numerous times. Colonel Sanders changed his recipe over 1,000 times before he finally got the mix correct for his famous fried chicken. Now, Kentucky Fried Chicken is a main staple in the American Diet.

Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all time, failed horribly while trying to develop the incandescent lamp. Compound that by the number of times he failed at all his other inventions, and he could be considered a perennial failure.

Albert Einstein, maybe one of the greatest minds to ever walk the face of the Earth embraced failure as a regular part of his experiments. On top of that, he was also considered “dumb" and “unteachable" as a young schoolboy. He was subject to the negative reinforcement as well.

These examples are representative of many other persons who embraced failure as a learning tool. Too many times in modern culture, we are encouraged not to fail, when the true route to success is directly through failing!

As a pioneer, Norris Williams II recognized the need for real-world training after traditional schooling was done. Thus, he developed the NorrisNetwork School of Success to step in where brick and mortar schools left off. To enroll in your free ecourse entitled, “The Four Success Principles You Must Master That Schools Never Taught", please go to right now!


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