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Secret Bashing, the Law of Attraction, and Why Traditional Goal Setting Doesn't Work

Christy Ruffner

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There is so much more to setting and achieving your goals. Let's give it to you in a nutshell and then I'll elaborate.

- You must be clear on what you want. Not some vague notion, but precise desires that you could describe down to the most minuscule detail.
- You must be very clear on your why. You must know why you want it in the first place. Your why is your motivation, what will keep you going when all seems lost. It will hold your faith fast at your darkest hour just before the clouds break.
- You have to believe you can achieve it.
- You have to have faith that it's already on its way. You just need to manifest it.
- You must to take MASSIVE action to get it.

This is not:

  • Sit
  • Wish
  • Hope

    Let me say one more thing before I elaborate. Let's talk about the law of attraction.
    - First, like attracts like. There is no negative attraction.
    - What you think about is magnetized and pulled to you.
    - What you think about with strong emotion increases the pull even more.
    - Take responsibility for what you have created in your life and take the steps necessary to change things. Make your dream a reality.

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    To elaborate, if your why is not big enough and real enough your goal will never be met because you won't DO what's necessary to get the job done. None of it's really hard, but it takes time, patience, dedication, persistence, and a huge piece of your deepest, inner most passion to get the job done.

    It needs to be so real that you can see it, hear it, smell it, and feel the sensation of it on your skin! It needs to move you to tears, it's so real. Play it like a movie, every detail of it in your mind, like a waking dream. Feel it in your gut.

    If a fictional story can move us to tears of deep emotion, how much deeper could our own movie touch us, move us, inspire us!

    So do this right now. Get a piece of paper and pen. Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. No phone, no kids or spouse, no friends; just you and your blank sheet of paper and pen.

    Sit quietly and let your mind go on a little fantasy trip and take a walk in your private dream world. See it before you in full color with all the sights, sounds and smells. Now, write what you see. Write it all down in intimate detail. Take your time, don't rush it.

    Where are you? What are you doing? Who else is there? Are you in your new home, driving your new car, on your dream vacation, working your dream job? This is your movie, live it how you want it to be, believe it to be. No limitations. What does the house look like; the color, the yard? Go inside and look around. Put yourself in the driver's seat of your new car. Smell the smells, feel the upholstery. Is there a song playing on the radio? Where are you going?

    Write down all the details and experience it. Take your time and don't leave anything out. Just write it as you see it. Describe it like you were sharing it with your closest friend. Make it real.
    When you're done put it down and just sit quietly. Bask in the joy and good feeling the experience has brought. Feel the smile on your face clear down into your heart. Breath deeply.

    Now, go back and read what you have written. Get swept back up into it all over again. See details you missed the first time, make it real.

    Now, if you have a recording devise, use it to record your movie. Use this to play back your movie over and over again.

    It is time for the next step, the step that is going to make all of this come true.

    What are you going to DO today to help make your dream a reality? Start big and work your way back to a single action. And be careful how you express it. Remember the Law of Attraction.

    If you want to be Financially Free then it's -

    Focus on the freedom, not the debt. Focus on owning your own home, not paying off the mortgage. Focus on a fit and healthy body, not losing weight. The glass is half full, not the glass is half empty.

    The goal has to be real to you, fill it with your why.

    So, to end where we began:
    1. You must first know what you want. You must know it so well that you can see it, taste it and smell it. You must be able to describe it down to the most minuscule detail.
    2. You must know your why and there must be power behind it.
    3. You must have a plan of action. You must take massive action starting today.
    What's your plan of action for today? Take a look at the big picture and plan your action for today. Each day after visiting your movie, take your next step in the plan.

    Do you need help with your plan of action? Join our team! We have the tools and the know how to help you achieve your greatest dreams.

    Chrsity Ruffner
    Touching Peoples Lives
    Success requires hard work, diligence, desire, imagination, and a team.
    I've got the team. If you have the rest then click the link above and let's get started!

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    The Law of Attraction - "It Doesn't Work"
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