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Conquering Fears

William Muncrief

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Fear is one of the greatest killers of all time and it is from fear that hate, violence, abuse, doubt and a host of other emotions are conceived.   Fear is responsible for more failure than any other single emotion for it is the catalyst by which all negativity is brought into being in ones life.   Fear should be considered an enemy to success and dealt with the enemies are dealt with.   Unlike taking prisoners with human enemies fear must be annihilated for you to truly win.

One of my favorites analogies is the one of a diver.   If you are to become proficient at spring board diving you must first conquer your fear of the landing, everything must play out within your mind with the intended result of success or failure will occur.   The degree of failure can vary from a poorly executed entry to the proverbial belly flop.   Business is much the same way with the same ramifications of success and failure.

The first step in anything is the mental learning, the how, why, when.   Once we are educated in something then we can try the physical motion and that is what really starts the process.   Failure is part of the learning process and during the early stages of any physical motion it is going to happen.   How long failure will last is a matter of perspective with varying degrees of success that are inextricably within each one.   When we focus on these little bits of success rather than the failure we set the stage for great progress.

We all try new things from time to time with good and bad results.   It really is not whether we win or lose it is how we perceive the event that really matters.   In the undertaking of any process fear must be displaced with determination, diligence, and faith in your abilities to overcome.   Being afraid of what the day, event, or outcome holds for you is the your ticket to an unfulfilled life.

So how does this all play out in the business world?  Simple you are going to fail and have failures time and time again.   The degree of these failures is relevant only if you choose to dwell on them for they will never give you the strength to break free.   Instead a healthy awareness of failure is appropriate but an awareness that never slips into the dwell mode.   Unlocking your potential to move the mountains in your life, and business will begin with your mastery over fear.   Success in your business will only come through properly applied actions borne from a spirit of success.

If you are considering a vocation of Internet Marketing fear is a killer you must lock up and throw away the key.   The nature of Internet Marketing is one of change and challenging aspects.   Even though one day may bring success another may bring failure and everyday will have its challenge.   By consistent fearless actions that are based in the knowledge of the Internet inner workings you will win by playing the game.   By maintaining a winning attitude you will become a winner in Internet Marketing or any endeavor you might choose.   It is time for you to win in all you do.

Succeed in all you do in style.   Believe in a favorable outcome even if you have failed a thousand times.   Let everyday bring new promise for your dreams.   You and you alone have this power over your life, and fear is your single greatest enemy.   Do not let fear rule your life, you must rule your fear.


"In the cocoon of failure await the wings of opportunity. " William Muncrief 2007


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