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Are You a Failure Or a Success? 5 Ways to Know


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Successful people have a certain way of being which supports a powerful proactive way of being. While those who fail to materialize their dreams have a particular way of being that keeps them perpetually stuck. If you can identify the following patterns you can first begin to identify your own behavior patterns and second you can begin to adopt the more favorable way of being.

1. Successful people are always seeking new life changing opportunities, while failures invest all their focused energy on what is not working in their lives.

2. Successful people can see the end result while failures can only see what is right in front of them. Successful people have habituated the practice of projecting their visions into the future. It's one of the ways they know how they can tell if something is beneficial for them or not.

3. Successful people take quick calculated action, failures always want to sit on it and wait. Those who fail to take action never grow. You may have the knowledge but if you don't put it into practice its worth nothing. Or you may want to get something but you sit around waiting for a time when you feel safe to take the leap. As time passes so does the opportunity.

4. Successful people always know that they cannot loose. They understand that there is always something to gain in every situation and the longer they wait the longer they miss out on what there is to gain. However failures don't take action even if the opportunity looks good. They are filled with fear and always worried about what they won't get and what won't work. As a result they miss out on precious opportunities every time. By the time they get to it, everyone else is ahead of the game.

5. Successful people also understand that if you want to master something you have to be in it. You have to saturate yourself with as much knowledge as you can. No great man became great by having a mediocre approach to his success. He understood that the mind needs to be trained from every which way and every angle again and again. While on the other hand those who fail do so because they are content to remain where they are. They take small steps hoping for big changes.

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