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Success Thinking and Actions Success From Failure


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In school we learn about fascinating things like addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; open and closed systems; evaporation and condensation; positive and negative; as well as a host of known opposites or counterarguments in almost every facet of life.

In life we also learn about night and day; yin and yang; war and peace. . . you get the idea.

These are all really flipsides of the same thing. The key principle is that one side can blend or transform into the other.

So it is with success and failure. What is failure but negative success? So how do we make the change from failure to success?

Simply take away the negative.

Positive thinking and positive actions bring about success. They equate with success thinking and actions.

The critical element is to link thinking with actions. This means positive thinking by itself is not enough. Even the usual understanding of positive thinking may need a new definition. To maximize its utility, it must incorporate all learning which can be extracted from failure.

Do you know what this implies? It means that failure must precede success! Shocking but true, and borne out in real-life experiences. Think about it: success needs a reference point for comparison. Without failure, success has no meaning; just as positive has no meaning unless set against negative; and condensation cannot occur without preceding evaporation.

How then to achieve success? Fail as fast and often as possible! Then success also comes fast and often as possible.

Failure? No problem, just flip it and achieve success.

It can be done with success thinking and actions.

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