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Success In Your Life - 3 Things You Must Do To Achieve Success In Your Business Or Personal Life

Connie Ragen Green

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Success is measured differently by different people. The most important thing is that you feel that you are making steady progress in accomplishing the goals you set out to achieve. Success does leave clues, so it is best to model these clues in order to reach the greatest level of success in your own life. Here are three things that are important in your journey to success.

  • Perseverance - You must never give up, so matter how many times you fall short or fail to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

    Look at what you could change or do differently, and then keep working at what you are doing until you are successful. There are many stories about the people who tried hundreds or even thousands of times before finding the way that would work for them. Two well known examples are the auto maker Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison.

  • Discipline - Write down what you intent to do and then stick to it.

    Spend time every day on your goals and keep your eye on the prize. Whether you are too busy, too tired, out of ideas, or feeling down, continue to do what you set out to do - and then do a little bit more. Over time this will pay off well for you.

  • Continued education - Keep learning new skills and methods for achieving your goals. Figure out what you need to know to be successful, and then find a way to learn how to do it. You may want to take a class or find someone else who can teach you what you need to do to be successful.

These three things will apply to business or personal success. Be persistent and never, ever give up.

And now I invite you to find out more about the secrets of success by visiting to learn what has been known for ages about achieving success.

These ideas and principles have worked for me and I am now leading the life I only dreamed of years ago. They can work for you as well.


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