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The Best Top Subliminal Will Transform Your Life!


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I don't know about you, but one day, I just got tired of watching other people fulfill there dreams while mine just sort of seemed to be left in the dust.

Have you ever asked yourself a questions like “What am I doing Wrong?" or “Why can't I live that kind of life?"

Every day these type of thoughts plagued my mind. I was so frustrated because it was not like I wasn't trying! I wasn't a bum for gosh sakes, I was a hard worker and frankly, I was working more hours than my friends and colleagues who were enjoying the things that I wanted the most! They always seemed to have time with their families, a nice home, luxury cars and vacations to wonderful places.

It was becoming harder and harder for me to maintain friendships with some of them. And worse, I began to create images of myself based on the way that I THOUGHT they saw me. In other words, I assumed that when they talked about me, they must be saying things like; Gee what's wrong with her? Why can't she get it together? What a surprising failure she has become. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was these very thoughts that had sealed my fate!

You see, conscious imaging (visions that your thoughts produce) is very powerful. It is these very intense pictures that your minds eye sees that will steer your subconscious mind in that direction. And whatever your subconscious mind believes to be true, becomes a reality in your life. You've probably heard all kinds of sayings to back this theory up, but my favorite one is this little one liner; “You Are What You Think". In old English terms it reads “as a man thinketh, so is he".

Now I knew the of the unlimited powers of the subconscious mind and I had tried various methods to tap into it. I used affirmations and even some subliminal tapes. But it wasn't until I understood how powerful Subliminal Images (high quality pictures with proven subliminal messages flashing in behind them) where that I finally “Got it"!

Up until recently the only way that subliminal messages could be delivered to us was via an audio tape. Sure, there are many people that love to find subliminal messages in movies and on labels of various products. But I am talking about Subliminal Messages that are scientifically proven to make the significant changes that you want!

Now with recent technologies, the Best Top Subliminal programs can be delivered via video. And it was this type of product that finally removed the negative thought patterns in my conscious that were creating this life that I did not want! Today, I only SEE and BELIEVE images of success, wealth, physical health and the good life, I actually Live THAT LIFE! That's how transformational a Subliminal Video Can Be.

I have replaced those negative thought patterns that where holding me back, with ones that make things happen. I don't try to force it, I just seem to know what to do.

Gone are the doubts and negative images I used to hold of myself. They have instantly been replaced with only visions of happiness, prosperity and true success. I have confidence and best of all I no longer believe that my friends, or anyone for that matter, sees me as a failure.

If you are struggling with success or behaviors that create nothing but undesired results, then consider replacing those self defeating habits with images that change your subconscious mind. And once your subconscious is changed, your entire life will too!

If you want to Stop Being Average and Finally Live the Good Life, then check out the Subliminal Video Download that will Instantly Transform You In the Person You Want to Be. Get your FREE Guide and More Information on Best Top Subliminal programs today.


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Transform Your Life Through Dreams
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