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Success Commentary - Failure


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Success and failure. There are so many definitions for these two words and so many misunderstandings.

Is success about money? Or relationships? Or climbing the ladder in your career? Or welcoming, at long last, your newborn. What is success to you? How do you define success - by your values - in your life?

And how do you define failure? Are you a failure if you don't get the results you want? Or the relationship you want? Or what about your newborn? Is there any other infant as precious? I used to teach childbirth classes that were offered at the same time as Monday night football. Most of the men talked about the sons they were going to have, but guess who walked into the reunion class carrying his little girl as proud as he could be?

Success or failure. I think it's time to change the grass roots meaning of failure. Failure only means that something didn't work out how you thought it would or hoped it would or planned for it to. Period.

So now try something different and then try again until you get the results you want. The real fun and excitement is the creation part of working toward success as you define it. You plan. You anticipate. You focus and work and hope and do your best. Your family and friends encourage you. . . or they don't. It works. . . or it doesn't. You learn. Sometimes you learn what you could do better. . . and sometimes what not to do. . . ever again.

Success comes from the willingness to try whether or not you get the results the first time or many tries later. Success isn't a label you wear whether it's you who put it there or someone else does. Failure isn't a personal quality either.

Actions may succeed or fail. Behaviors may succeed or fail. Who would call anyone with the courage to try a failure? It doesn't make any sense. Probably it's someone who hasn't yet summoned the courage to try.

Sitting on the sidelines criticizing is safe. That person can claim to have all the answers and take none of the risk.

But let the creative process engage you and stir your energy as you work enthusiastically toward bringing your desires into your life. Tell me. How could that ever be called failure?

To read more about personal success adventures please go to Create your own definition of success. It isn't the outer world that defines us, but those unique qualities of the heart that seek expression. Explore new things until you discover what brings you the most joy. This is your life, make it a grand adventure. Gayle enjoys living by her definition of success and encourages you to define success in terms of what is important to you


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Success, Failure, and the Chipmunk
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