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Rocket 2008!

Diane Dutton

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As we Rocket careers to be Great in 2008, I would like to review some important principles:

#1. You Control the Outcome!

Events will occur and the “best laid plans" will, for sure, come to pass differently than you imagined, its how you react to the events, its how you adapt to those last minute distractions, disruptions, disappointments and obstacles, that will determine how great your success will be in 2008. FOCUS is the word of the Year! Keep your mind open to new thoughts and ideas, but don't get seduced away from your goals. FOCUS turns fear into fuel, motion into concentrated action for results sake instead of just action's sake. FOCUS reduces the frustration of wasted efforts. FOCUS will help you determine if you are on the right path.

Steven Covey once said “You can spend your life climbing the ladder to success only to find that your ladder is leaning against the wrong tree!" FOCUS will help you prevent that from happening. Once you FOCUS, it becomes fun, exciting and the passion for your vision creates energy. If your FOCUS creates more anxiety, frustration and misery, then you will know you have the wrong focus, the wrong vision, or the wrong approach to obtain your vision.

#2. Gratitude for Today Creates Possibilities for Tomorrow!

All the best authors and researchers of the Laws of the Universe will tell you that your level of gratitude for what you have today plays a significant role in your ability to improve your present and your future. With “An Attitude of Gratitude";, you effectively change your internal paradigm of “POOR ME" to “Happy for what I have" and “Happier for what I am creating".

#3. There are Always 2 Sides to Every Story!

Remember reading mystery novels? Remember watching “mystery" made for TV movies? They all had the plot twist; there were always 2 sides to every story.

Every event has 2 sides; the side you see as good or bad and its opposite. So next time that important appointment gets postponed or your best client fires you or you get a tear in your favorite shirt, you should stop and ask yourself these questions:

* Why did this happen? * What can I learn from this experience?

* How can I apply what I have learned to create opportunity in my future? That appointment might have postponed because you really were not as prepared as you could be for the appointment. Your best client fired you to make room for two new clients that will challenge you and make you better. You tore your favorite shirt because, frankly, it needed to be replaced two years ago!

So, you don't have to write a TV movie of the week to learn something from the good, the bad and the ugly of your experiences. Ask the questions, then get quiet and listen for the answers from within.

#4. When is NOW soon enough to make 2008 Great?

A very old expression - Don't put off till tomorrow what you can accomplish today -

Like an old comfortable paid of slippers, your routine, job, attitude and actions are so easy to wear, accomplish, complain about and live with. The well worn path is so easy to walk. NOW, what would happen if you allowed yourself to stop talking about what could have been if? What would happen if you stopped making excuses as to why you are still: Overweight, underpaid, in debt, out of work, in a bad relationship, struggling with depression or just downright unhappy? When is NOW soon enough to create the life you are truly meant to have: Healthy, Financially Free, Professionally Fulfilled, Totally in Love, Happy for no Reason and Happy for all the Right Reasons? Getting psyched up from reading this is just Step #1.

Step #2 is actually getting up from your computer, looking in the mirror and telling yourself NOW is the time for me to celebrate me! Start the moment you say that with a piece of paper and write down 5 small steps you can take today to change your life. 5 small things: A 5 minute walk, 5 ideas for making money outside your job, 5 places to put your resume to get a better job, 5 ways to move from spending to saving and paying down debt, 5 ways to be nice to your spouse, maybe with a nice hand written note showing love and gratitude.

I'm talking about 5 small items. It's not jumping off the cliff. It's not a radical change, outwardly seen by most. It's just 5 small steps. If you take and build on those steps you can make life altering changes, NOW.

START NOW, TODAY, DON'T WAIT! Remember, if you don't take care of yourself, who will?

It's a leap of faith to make 2008 Great!

Diane Dutton, MBA, CPA, Speaker, Business Strategy Consultant and author of “A Woman's Ladder To Success", available at For more information on this and the other factors facing your business growth potential, read the story at write to me at .


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