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Discover 3 Creative Visualization Techniques That Really Work

Mohamad Latiff

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I know these techniques work because I, or the people I know, have had direct experiences of results coming out of putting these creative visualization techniques into practice.

"Treasure Map"

The treasure map technique simply involves you creating a tangible picture of what you want.

You can either draw it, if you're good at drawing, or you can cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers, photos and create a collage of what it is you want to manifest.

Make it as vivid, colourful and realistic as possible. Place it somewhere you can see it and meditate on it every day.

I've personally experienced tremendous success with this technique.

My first experience with it was during my ‘O’ level exams, this really big exam in Singapore, where I come from. From my semi-photographic memory of an ‘O’ level results slip (which I had gotten from a glance of my friend's the previous year), I drew an almost exact replica of it, only with my name and the results I wanted on it.

To cut a long story short, it was almost uncanny when I compared the actual results I got with the “treasure map" drawing I made a while ago:

Expected results:

English: ‘A-2'

Malay: ‘A-2'

E-Mathematics: ‘A-2'

Science (Physics/Chemistry): ‘B-3'

Geography: ‘B-4'

Biology: ‘B-4'

Principles of Accounts: ‘F-9’ (I can't help it, I really hated this subject!)

The results I got:

English: ‘A-1'

Malay: ‘A-1'

E-Mathematics: ‘A-2'

Science (Physics/Chemistry): ‘B-3'

Geography: ‘B-4'

Biology: ‘D-7'

Principles of Accounts: ‘D-8'

The lower the number, the better the results. Even though I failed 2 subjects (no regrets, I accept full responsibility for my actions), my overall score is good enough for me to land the diploma course I wanted in a polytechnic. I am living and breathing proof of that success right now!

Of course, my results are influenced by other factors (including how smart I studied, my mood when I was taking the examinations, distraction while I was doing my visualization work for this, the effectiveness of my prayers), but a 3 out of 7 success rate, or if you want to consider those that exceed expectation, a 6 out of 7 success rate is simply amazing!

I also practised this “treasure map" technique for my results with the “image streaming-creative visualization hybrid" technique which I shall describe below.

"Image streaming-creative visualization hybrid"

As I had said it above, I used this image streaming and creative visualization hybrid technique to along with the treasure map technique to help me manifest the results I wanted. And it did.

How this technique works is that it employs more of your brainpower into your visualization work.

You see, when you create a mental image, you're using one part of your brain, that is the back part of your brain that deals with visual stimuli and images (the ‘occipital lobe').

As you combine your mental images with mental impressions of sound, smell, touch and even taste, you're creating neural connections with the different regions of your brain that deal with these stimuli. The more you practise, the stronger these connections become, the more vivid and real your visualization is, and the more effective you get at it.

But what if you add another dimension to it? One very crucial element of image streaming (the brainchild of Dr Win Wenger of ‘The Einstein Factor') is to describe out loud to an external listener, whether it is your listening friend or a tape recorder. You must describe your mental impressions and images out loud to qualify what you do as image streaming.

When you describe it out loud, you connect with the language regions of your brain, as well as the memory part of your brain, and the “sentence-construction" part of your brain, and many more. This brief explanation of mine is too simplistic to capture the very complex process actually involved.

The methodology of this “Image streaming-creative visualization hybrid" technique is discussed below.

The most powerful creative visualization technique ever.

I call it the T3000 technique, which stands for “theta total transformation" technique.

There are variations of my self-devised method that go by other names, among others, “electric manifesting".

Here is how it goes -

1. Select what you want. Pick only one goal at a time. Write it down. Start with something relatively easy for you to accomplish or obtain. A good example is the one that I used this with - exam results. It must be something that you have to and can work for, as well as something that is also partly dependent on chance. Be as specific as possible. All the conventional rules of goal setting and/or creative visualization apply here.

2. Imagine an ideal situation in which you're attaining the goal that you've stated. Can you imagine a tangible experience of yourself getting what you desire? If it is something abstract, like a 15% increase in your IQ, try to make it tangible, by imagining an IQ test score, and imagining situations where your heightened IQ is proven, such as being able to answer teacher's questions or finding quick answers to puzzles, etc. Again, the conventional rules of creative visualization (use all 5 senses, make it as detailed and realistic as possible) apply.

3. Instead of just having a “virtual reality" experience inside your mind, describe out loud your inner perceptions. What do you see, hear, smell, touch or taste? Describe them. In as much detail as possible. At first, it may seem awkward, and you may not be able to find words to describe what you're perceiving inside, but a little fabrication will help. As it is with any other skill, this image streaming and creative visualization hybrid technique will improve with practice.

4. You must also describe your perceptions out loud to an external listening device; it can be a friend, a tape recorder, or the microphone of your computer (with audio recording software ready or perhaps, a speech to text dictation software).

Here's how I did it for my ‘O’ level exam results -

I described, partly from memory, all that I see, hear, smell or touch from the train station to the school hall where I collect my results slip. I described the locations I passed through, the smells, the sounds of passers-by, cars, the people I may encounter, the environment, and finally, when I imagine myself extending my hand to receive the ‘O’ level results slip from my teacher (whom I described also), I described out loud, and repeated, affirmed, a few times, the specific grades that I wanted.

To help you warm up with this powerful creative visualization technique, here's one good exercise you can do -

1. Take any object, picture, scene or just about anything that has a considerate amount of detail.

2. Observe it, whatever it is you chose, for 5 - 10 minutes. Really absorb the stimuli through all your 5 senses. Details. Details. It's all about the details. Notice the colours, the shapes, sizes, any patterns, how the different elements connect, contrast or complement with each other.

3. Look away from that scene for 1 minute. Then go back to look at it. Now press record on your tape recorder or get your listening friend again and, with eyes still open, describe the scene out loud.

4. Close your eyes. Describe the scene again from memory. Don't worry if you can't seem to remember everything.

You'll find that this exercise improves several things at once -

i. Your visual memory. I don't know if you'll eventually develop a photographic memory after consistent practice; I haven't tried it to that extent before.

ii. Your memory in general.

iii. Your linguistic and descriptive skills.

iv. Your visualization ability.

In truth, this is only a glimpse of my actual T3000 technique.

T3000 is a system that involves you in a holistic way. It is not just a creative visualization technique, it is a goal setting and goal getting technique as well.

It will cover everything from initial conceptualization of your goal to the inciting “trigger" event (just like in the movies) that then leads you to the course of action that you should take to the actual attainment of your goal and any post-goal matters after that.

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