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The Universal Laws Of Nature - Beyond Emotion Finding Inner Stillness - Innerwealth

Christopher Walker

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Stillness comes when we are without disturbance to our heart and mind. This means action with complete certainty, open mindedness and compassion, in other words, without emotion. The emotional person has only glimpses of stillness. The remainder of the time they are in the turbulence of life, spinning around thinking, worrying, stressed and making effort where no effort is required.

Religious law, human law and personal law are emotional law designed to govern. Universal law is above these fractions of reality. Human law speaks to what should or could be, universal law finds order in what is. Behind every circumstance, no matter how humans perceive it, there is order, and therefore beauty. This is the requirement for stillness, to understand this order in the chaos.

How can you fulfil your purpose in life if you are always attracted to, repelled from, judging against or rooting for some cause you claim is right. This emotional life has no ground, only the dogmatism of the mind, the cause of all violence and injury, the righteous mind. To calm your life, to find real gratitude for life as it is, to remain present, certain and loving, you must learn a deeper awareness than your emotional reactions to your perceptions of life.

Law 1. LOVE. We want love, we thrive on love, we want to love what we do. But how much do people know about love. Love is not an emotion and therefore not of the ego. The Universes exist because planets, stars, galaxies and comets, stay in place. Cells exist in the human body, because of the very same forces. Emotional people talk about imbalance and what is wrong with the world. Loving people look for the beauty in it. Nature seeks a balance in all things. This is called centred. Emotion, illness, and suffering come from imbalanced, un loving perspectives. People trying to be right. Overcome this and you will witness something profound.

Law 2. PRESENCE - Turning up means the past is not driving you forward nor holding you back. And the future is not more attractive than the past. Maximum growth of any entity occurs at the border of support and challenge. To be present we cannot value one without the other. Emotional and mentally blocked individuals seek one without the other. The wise seek both. Everything, plant, human, business and nation grows at the border of order and chaos. Any period of one causes the other. We stand in presence between them.

Law 3. CERTAINTY. Worry, anxiety, righteousness, grief, fear, anger, pain, uncertainty - these kill us yet, they are mostly deluded constructs of the human mind, perceptions that are not really true. They are false because nothing can ever be missing, nature abhors a vacuum. There is nothing missing there are just changes in form. The emotional fruitcake sees only one side, the person who holds certainty in their heart, sees the perfection. Nothing can escape the interconnectedness of all things, nothing can ever be missing, just changed in form.

Law 4. GRATITUDE. If you don't appreciate it the way that you've got it, you wont get it the way that you want it. What you appreciate grows. Appreciation in your heart and mind cause immune strength and health. So people run around appreciating what they like in life, and wanting to change what they don't. This is not appreciation, it is disharmony. Heavy metals, heavy people and heavy animals become extinct, they sit around talking about global problems and how they don't like it. Ingratitude and by so doing cause more of it. Right people are rewarded with calamity disaster and humbling circumstance, just like the environment, evolve or be evolved.

Law 5. STILLNESS - Wanting, changing, marketing, visioning, ambitions, romance, goals - these are the enemies of inner stillness -contentment and contentment is the path to love. We must learn to have both. The one and the many. All things in the great universe are hierarchical. The many always report to the one. The one always reports to the higher. This means priorities. What is your priority, your inner stillness or what you want? Contentment with what you have got or desire for better and more? This alone determines the quality of your life, not how many back bends, prayers, or chants you can achieve. Contentment.

Universal Law gives you that insight. But few are ready for it. Join Chris in Nepal, in coaching classes or at a keynote address and take the opportunity to step beyond emotional living. Learn how to mould your perceptions to align with nature and dump your drama causing emotions and religious neurosis. Discover something magnificent, a way to live and work in tune with nature, a higher consciousness. To do so, you must be willing to challenge your ego. That alone takes courage and commitment, but there is no better guide on that path than Chris Walker. Chris shares with you the tools for pure inspiration where you'll see the perfection of the world, develop enormous self trust, breakthrough emotional limits and understand the laws that make life what it is.

To find out the best way to learn this amazing gift and in so doing bring STILLNESS into your heart and mind, contact us and we'll suggest the best path to hear Chris speak. Chris Walker is a world leading change agent, an environmentalist and author of more than 20 books. Born and bred in Australia, he consults to people and organisations throughout the world on improved relationships, health and lifestyle through the application of the Universal laws of Nature. The result he offers is that we stay balanced, share loving relationships, work with passion, enjoy success, and live our personal truth. To learn more about Chris’s work and journeys to Nepal, visit -


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Universal Laws to Achieve Wealth, Health and Joy
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