Think Before You Act! To Achieve Great Success in Life You Need to Stop Negative Reactions


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BEFORE YOU SHOOT THAT GUN, AIM FIRST! Every accomplished hunter knows that the better your aim is, the more likely you are to hit the bull's eye on your main target. If that's the case, why would anybody react to any problem before first gathering your thoughts and analyzing the best possible sequence of events needed to overcome the bad situation that you need to get out of.

CURB YOUR ANGER During a sequence of events such as when your boss yells at you for not sending out a report on time, your first reaction would be to think “My boss is the biggest jerk alive!" That thought will immediately bring up an emotion of anger, confusion or excitement. After that emotion comes an action instigated by you. The anger you feel at that moment will compel you to send an angry e-mail to your boss that you probably will regret later.

You will never be able to gain great success in life if you let your anger influence your daily behavior. You need to analyze exactly why your boss is so angry at you and determine if your report was really that late in getting out, or is he just mad at your overall work ethic instead. A lot of people's worst reaction to getting yelled at by a boss is to immediately quit their jobs out of the intense anger they feel.

This can either be a good thing because it will lead them to better employment, or it could be a tragic occurrence because they will not be able to find a job better than the one that they just quit in a fit of anger. It is far better to create a great resume that you have already sent out to numerous employers before quitting any job in anger.

USE YOUR POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES TO GAIN GREAT SUCCESS IN LIFE You do have a good heart and a quick brain that is able to distinguish between right and wrong at all times, right? Then go ahead and use these two critical tools of your body to act reasonably and compassionately to any obstacle that you will go up against in your every day life. If your boss has good reason to yell at you, come up with ways that will ensure that you will never make that mistake in your job again, Or, if your boss was just having a bad day and blew up at you for no exact reason, just smile and say “sorry" regardless of what you may be feeling inside you at the moment.

When you are able to control your emotions at any given time of the day, you actually rise above whomever it is that is doing the yelling, which puts you in the perfect position of being able to not only defuse the current situation, but also allows you to move ahead in life by getting the best of your opponent in that initial fight. Great success will come out of that confrontation because your boss will now respect you more for not reacting violently, but instead keeping calm and cool and leaving the confrontation smelling like a rose.

You should be able to use this calming technique on yourself every day to guarantee that great success will follow in your life for years to come.



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