Self Confidence - A Strategy for Making it Real


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One of the things which stops people in their tracks when they come against an obstacle is the lack of self confidence or low self esteem.

Self esteem is correlated to self confidence but it isn't the same trait. Today we focus on Self Confidence.

Everybody experiences moments or periods of time when their confidence wanes, or simply isn't there.

Here's a fact: It is an obstacle and can be overcome with an important decision connected to it.

"Am I going to let my lack of self confidence or low self esteem imprison me or build self confidence in a real and meaningful way that really moves me along in life?

You've heard that a bumblebee is aerodynamically unable to fly and by rights shouldn't be able to do it. Forget the fact that someone had to say this rather odd statement (aerodynamically. . . according to whose definition of aerodynamics?!?!). That IS the point however.

Do you think a bumblebee has heard this gossip? Did the bumblebees meet and quit flying?

We've probably all heard a story of people overcoming huge difficulties.

Think about the person being told by doctors that they'll never walk again and then a few chapters later we find out they ran the Boston Marathon two years later.

There are many books about creating self confidence.

There are a couple of important things to know before you start “working" on self confidence. (It will require work. . . )

The rebuilding of self confidence comes from within and it comes from knowing deep within yourself that YOU have achieved in the past, or someone you can identify with has, and YOU have the potential to achieve anything.

Question: What have you achieved in the past?

Think about the things you've achieved in the past, things like learning a subject at school (learning is an achievement, although the lecturer/teacher is there to assist by providing you with the tools, it's YOU that chooses to take that knowledge on board and learn from it), bringing up your child, getting a job you wanted, gaining friends in a new town you've moved to.

STOP: If you're shaking your head, you've SURVIVED to date and a lot of other people haven't. What have you done to stay alive. (That one always get's ‘em. . . )

YOU did those things, because YOU had the potential to do them.

Take a moment to enjoy that fact, it feels good knowing that you were the reason.

You chose to make those things happen.

You also had other choices.

you could have chosen not to learn at school. You could have decided to become a recluse and not make those friends. You could have decided you couldn't be bothered to go for that job even though you wanted it . . . but you didn't.

Be grateful that you have the ability to make those decisions.

Choose not to regret any of the decisions that might not have worked out for you. That's prat of making decisions.

Successful people make a LOT of decisions and a LOT of them are wrong. It makes no difference. (You should upgrade the decision making process if it's defective!)

Use the bad decisions, or, the good decisions that turned out bad (NOT the same thing) as the proverbial stepping stones.

In large part, who you are is the result of your decisions.

They are the reason that you are who you are today.

Look around you at people you see as successful, in what way are they different to you?

We breathe the same air, we have the same opportunities. Some of us choose to take them, others choose not to. Where would you rather be?

Let successful people inspire you> they can achieve great things and so can you.

What inspires you?

Think about the things that inspire you.

Is it the idea of having fame, acceptance, money, family, inspiration? Let them continue to be an inspiration to you and be thankful that these things are there to guide you.

Know that you have the potential to make your dreams come true.

If you *really* are interested in self confidence and want to manifest it in your life. Look at the left hand side of 100's of free resources for you to use and take advantage of.

Kevin Hogan, Psy. D. , is the author of 16 books including The Psychology of Persuasion, Irresistible Attraction, Covert Hypnosis and The Science of Influence


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