Successful People Focus On Their "Why", Un-Successful Focus On "Why Not"

Greg Nicholls

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The secret to success, the magic dust, one of the things that you need to know to succeed is revealed in this article. Read it a couple of times, comment on it and let me know if you have any questions.

Successful people have learned that they get what they focus on; if they are focusing on the things that are really important to them, the things that really drive them, they are simply focusing on their “Why", that is why they continually succeed.

Un-Successful people are held back from success not because of their education (or lack of it), their financial situation, their lack of time, a disability, or any other reason that they have bought into; these are just good “Why Not" scenarios, circumstances that are being focused on. The reason they are un-successful is simply because they are not focusing on their “Why".

To change from being Un-Successful to being Successful begins by changing ones focus. Make a decision to begin to focus on your “Why" and ignore your “Why Not’s" by making a decision to attain your “Why" regardless of your circumstances.

There is no such thing as a “lot in life" if you think that you have one, it is only because you have not finished reading this article.

Success is a choice, a choice to focus on an outcome that you would like to see or attain in your life; again, this is called your “Why". Sit down and write out what is important to you and do it right now, (un-successful people will not do this important step) your “Why" has to be clear in your mind.

Make sure that once you have written out all the things that are important to you (time with family, excess money in your life to donate, travel, work less, etc. ) whatever it is, go back over the list and for each thing on the list write out why these are important to you specifically.

Example: Having excess money in my life to donate is important to me because after having seen how people live in the town of Soweto in South Africa and now, knowing that I can donate $1,000 to build a home that will have electricity, running water, a toilet, a yard to grow food and much more I know that being successful and having excess money will allow me to build 1,000 or more of these homes, improving the quality of life for a thousand families that deserve a better life!

So take some time and find your “why", it is ok to have money, good things will happen from it; you just have to figure out “why" you should have it in your life. So create a void that needs to be filled by your success and go after it with the decision to succeed no matter what! If you succeed you can show people how they can succeed and ultimately make this world a better place to live.

Because YOU Deserve Money!

Greg Nicholls

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