Problems vs Challenges

Robert Prentice

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What if, from this minute forward, you began to see every difficulty in life as a challenge to be overcome rather than a problem, interruption, irritation, or a hassle to be gotten rid of? It’s never hard to spot the problems in life and it’s pretty easy to go around exposing them for the world to see. It doesn’t take much effort to complain and fret about how difficult a particular problem is making your life.

However, true greatness requires an entirely different kind of person, one who is able to recognize the challenges within the difficulties and immediately starts looking for a creative and innovative solution to the issues at hand.

When you are able to see the negatives of life as a challenge, you will be more tenacious in looking and uncovering all kinds of possible solutions because you will be able to see the possibilities and opportunities at hand. As you approach the situation more as a puzzle to be solved or something to be conquered, you are much more apt to find the answers you are looking for because you are thinking in a more positive direction. (Don’t we all know that negativity can be a real blocker to creativity!)

Sharing possible solutions with others to capture their opinions, thoughts, perspectives and attitudes is vital, and will be helpful when it comes time to implement change.

Opportunities will abound for you in your work when you see things differently than your co-workers. When they see the problem, you will see the opportunity within the challenge. You will enthusiastically seize the opportunity, because you have determined to think “challenge” instead of “problem” while your co-workers will often continue to stick their head in the sand, hoping the problems will solve themselves.

So what have you got to lose, if you decide to rip the word “problem” right out of your vocabulary, today, and replace it with the word “challenge”? Choose now to take action, and keep on taking action on the challenges in your life, and you will see all the problems disappear.

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