Testing Ourselves Uncovers Our Brilliance


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Bang! The starting pistol fires and Olympians launch themselves, running the 100 meters of track in a spectacle that is among the most famous tests in the world – the 100 meter dash. Would we know who the fastest man or woman in the world is if we did not have tests – called sprints – for measuring running speed? When we test ourselves, we both uncover and develop our brilliance. We can even discover many areas of brilliance, the more we test ourselves.

We would not know about our special abilities, whether in math, writing, foreign languages, or athletics, if we never test ourselves at some point. High-performance organizations from General Electric, Microsoft, Intel, all professional athletic teams, and every elite military unit such as the SEALS, Rangers, Green Berets, only admit a person to the organization AFTER they pass certain tests.

YUK! We might say, “I hate tests! They make me nervous, and I do not want to know anything about my abilities, or lack thereof!” Avoiding tests is impossible. Life offers testing of every kind whether we sign-up for them or not. Performance ratings at work. Income tests. Relationship tests of getting along or not. Instead of avoiding them, by choosing tests for ourselves as a method of self-improvement, we can learn the numbers behind our skills, abilities, efforts, and achievements. Knowledge of ourselves gives us power.

Myers-Briggs tests for personality, Binet IQ test, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tests, focus tests, anger management tests, musical ability tests, Johnson O’connor tests…over 3000 types of personality tests make learning about ourselves a rewarding and precise endeavor. So long as we approach them as tools for improvement instead of a judgement on our worthiness as a person, we can enjoy and get near miraculous life-altering improvements from tests. One famous company that each one of us has purchased from, uses psychological testing for placing employees. The results have been spectacularly productive, and joyful. The employees work where their skills and interests shine, making the most of G-d given talents as well as their own preferences. This very famous company continues as a leader in multiple industries because of a hugely productive workforce that is where they want to be!

Tests can be broken into ability, knowledge, and preferential types. An ability test, for example, could measure manual dexterity. Very much a have it or not ability. Knowledge tests include many certifications for financial, legal, medical and professional positions. Hard study needed for these tests, and ability can help but not get the passing grade. Preferential tests peer into our souls for what we like, enjoy, do normally and are drawn to. Combining these tests can paint a clear picture of a person. Tests often reveal talents, preferences, and knowledge a person did not even realize they possessed!

Fortunately the Web provides a wealth of tests – many free – for assessing where we stand. My own program includes multiple tests for focus, IQ (yes we can improve it!), memory, anger, discipline, anxiety, and relationship skills. These monthly check-in tests mark progress, and improve my self-knowledge. Learn to love tests and life will reward your new better self for it!

Mark Solomon is the founder of http://www.mental-health-services.org/ , and http://www.pep-me-up.com/ A scientist with a life-long passion for understanding what motivates, challenges, and moves people into high or low mental states, he publishes his findings in the form of free mental health assessments (depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Self-esteem, etc. ), along with self-help action guides, and the latest mental health services news from around the world, updated daily.


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