Failure Is An Option!

Greg Nicholls

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Man, I have had enough, I am frustrated with the results I am getting in my life, I know I can get myself out of it, but what if I fail? I can fail and accept that failure, that is my decision to make right?

But I hate to fail, I hate to be rejected, I hate to do something that is new. Everyone around me seems to feel the same way and do not do anything about it, so why should I? And there is certainly no cheering section hoping that I will succeed, however, there sure are quite a few sitting back waiting for me to fail so they can say "I told you so".

So what should I do? Should I just decide to accept failure towards success as my only option, my only result? Why shouldn't I, nobody will really care anyway right?

Failure Is An Option.

However, I choose to accept Success as my option:

- I will continue to set goals, goals that many people feel are impossible, lofty and unattainable.

- I will continue to pursue absolute financial prosperity with crazy deadlines.

- I will continue to go down the path less traveled, the one with lots of risks.

- I will continue to bet everything that I have knowing that failure is an option, but every thing that I will do will be towards success.

- I understand that Success Is An Option Too and choose to focus on success.

- I know that failures will happen along the way, however, success has much more appeal and will keep me going.

- Failure does not seem like such a big deal if all I have to do is continue to focus on success to get there.

Or maybe I am just nuts and should just settle for my "Lot In Life"

NAH! I will continue to GO FOR IT; success is mine and that is my focus!

Because YOU Deserve Money!

Greg Nicholls

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