Stress Management: Chunking Your Way to Success

Jeff Herring

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all you have on your plate to do?

When you have a big task ahead of you or when things begin to pile up, you can begin to feel overwhelmed.

Do you find your self thinking things such as:

“I’ll never get all this done. . . . . . . .

“There’s just TOO MUCH to do!

"This always happens to me!"

Looking at some tasks as one whole piece is like trying to eat your favorite pizza all in one bite, you will choke on it!

Break it down into manageable chunks

The key to this stress-buster is to break a task or a situation down (chunk it) into smaller pieces. When you break things down into smaller chunks, you make it more manageable. The smaller the chunk, the more manageable it can be.

If you are skeptical about how this works, consider the alphabet, something any one who gets through first grade knows by heart. The alphabet is 26 separate pieces of information in a very specific order. We learned it by memorizing, not the whole thing at once, but by taking it a piece at a time.

To put it in perspective, once you know the alphabet, you can write anything. Just as you can accomplish even the biggest tasks by chunking it down in to manageable pieces.

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Stress Management and Mastery: 4 Powerful Ways to Make Stress Work for You
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