Stress Management - The Powerful Art of Reframing

Jeff Herring

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Reframing is a tool that can alter the pressure we put on ourselves.

Reframing means exactly what it sounds like - to put a different frame on a situation.

Have you noticed how different a painting can look when you change the frame around it? The wrong frame can ruin a painting, while the proper frame can please the eye and reveal details not otherwise seen.

EX: Instead of “I’m never going to get all this done" how about “In how many ways can I get all this done and more, and enjoy the process?"

While some people will say this is just semantics, I say it’s really using the power of words and focus to change your life.

Benefits of reframing

Looking at something in a different way, what we are calling reframing, provides at least two very powerful benefits:

1. Looking at a situation in a different way can reduce the stress of a situation.

2. Often getting a different view allows you to come up with solutions you would have never discovered before.

One of the best ways to get a different look at a situation or problem is to think about your favorite character in a book or movie, or someone whom you look up to. Then ask yourself how this person would look at the situation and solve the problem.

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Stress, Stress Management, and Stress Reduction 101
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