Breathing Your Way Out Of Stress


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Do you know that our brain needs three times as much oxygen to function properly as the body does as we seldom give breathing much conscious attention. We breath about 5000 gallons of air every day, about 6 times our food and drink consumption and obviously. . . breathing is life.

Instead of breathing haphazardly, we need to breathe to a regular beat, and if you do that, your mind sharpens automatically. If you know how to use this breathing, this breathing beat can do something else for you. . . reduce your stress and improve your learning to cope with situation and conditions.

When you perform the inhaling and exhaling, you go on holding for a few seconds and the mental state stabilizes and the mind can focus on points or ideas. Breathing is based on a slow human pulse, the whole body catches the vibration and harmonizes with the will and by getting yourself in synch. You have more power mentally and in maximum learning, breathing is done in rhythm and slow pulse beat with breathing along in time to rhythmically recite the materials. Not only can breathing patterns affect and alter the state of consciousness, music and sound have the ability to change the brain wave activity.

Your body relaxes and your mind becomes alert and this most simple of all forms of relaxation is trigger by sonic message. . . the music. Specific music choice provides specific music-sonic patterns so the music can alter the state of consciousness with the support of right breathing.

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Scientific Discovery Slow Breathing Relieves High Blood Pressure and Severe ..
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