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Natural Stress Relievers - How to Cope in This Crazy World

Sherry L Harris

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Today's world practically invites stress into our lives. Some of us have loved ones in Iraq, some are struggling with the economy, and if you've managed to avoid that there's always the 50 hour work week to get you down. Rather than simply giving up and succumbing to this stress, find ways to overcome it and enjoy life. This has to be a careful balance, however. Too much leisure can lead to laziness and procrastination, which only adds to the stress later on. Find a night or weekend when there isn't anything you really need to be doing, and relax. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Everyone has a different way of unwinding, but here are a few ideas to get your imagination running.

1) The Hot Bath- Some people may find this relaxation technique cliche, but the truth is it almost always works if done right. First, fill up your tub with nice hot water, and perhaps a nice smelling additive to calm you even more. If you have a good book to read, you may want to bring that with you. It can also be good to just sit alone with your thoughts though. Create a calm atmosphere by adding candles, and locking the door to ensure you won't be interrupted. Finally, bring your favorite drink in with you. This can be a glass of wine, beer, hot chocolate, tea, or just water.

2) The Nice Drive- Driving to work isn't exactly relaxing, but driving just for the fun of it can be. Sometime at night, make a CD of all your favorite songs to sing out loud to. Get in the car, and just drive. This is great, because it can get out almost any emotion you've been holding inside. You can be angry, sad, happy, jealous, like I said, almost anything. By the time you get back you'll feel much better, and the money you spent on gas will be well worth it.

3) The Comedy Night- Nothing makes you feel better faster than laughter, so have a little comedy night for yourself. Make yourself a bowl of popcorn and pop in a DVD of your favorite funny movie or comedian. Laugh with abandon and let the endorphins get the better of you. It doesn't have to stop with one movie either. Share the night with a good friend to make it even happier.

Relieving your stress will have many benefits to your life. You will be healthier in the long run, sleep easier and more soundly, and be an overall happier person.

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